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The topics will be 🅒🅡🅨🅟🅣🅞, of course. I discovered Bitcoin back in 2012.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

All The News Of Cosmoverse: Atom 2.0, Mesh Security And Interchain Scheduler

29 Sep 2022 3 minute read 4 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

In this in-depth study, I will talk about Cosmoverse: that is, the new updates that will arrive on Cosmos. Today Cosmos is the central hub that, through IBC, connects all the independent chains that run on Cosmos itself: Osmosis, Secret Network, Akas...

Send Secure Mail And Get EMT Token: Ethermail (Web 3.0)

25 Sep 2022 2 minute read 2 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

Tim Berners Lee: "People keep asking what Web 3.0 is. I think maybe when you've got an overlay of Scalable Vector Graphics, everything rippling and folding and looking misty, on Web 2.0 and access to a semantic Web integrated across a huge space of d...

My Sandbox Metaverse Experience: Alpha Season 3 (Prizes and Achievements)

18 Sep 2022 5 minute read 10 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

In this article, I wanted to update my experience with the third season of Sandbox. I remember that participating in the missions is absolutely free and it is possible to win prizes in $Sand and the Alpha Pass. I reached level 4 and completed 154 out...

How Mina Protocol Works: The Lightest Blockchain (22 kB)

11 Sep 2022 2 minute read 7 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

The Mina Protocol blockchain has a record: that of being the lightest blockchain. In fact, it weighs only 22 kB (kilobytes). If you have a full node for Bitcoin, you will need to download over 460 GB (gigabytes) for synchronization. In 2012 and 2013,...

Luna Classic Will it Return to $1? Burn Tax and Future Projections

6 Sep 2022 6 minute read 13 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

In May 2022, we all remember the implosion of the Terra-Luna ecosystem with Ust losing its peg to $0.The news on implementing a 1.2% burn on all on-chain transactions performed on the Terra blockchain has caused Lunc's trading price to rise by more t...

My First Month On Sorare MLB: Prizes And Roster

2 Sep 2022 5 minute read 4 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

The first month of MLB on Sorare went pretty well. I have won many NFT with excellent resale value. I have won rewards every GW: both "limited" and "rare" cards. Every 3 days there is a GW where new cards can be won. These cards can be:1) Sold on the...

How To Join The Sandbox Alpha Season 3: Big Prizes For Everyone

28 Aug 2022 4 minute read 18 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

In this article we will see how to participate in the Sandbox Alpha Season 3 and earn many rewards in Sand, the Sandbox metaverse token that can then be sold for other crypto or fiatcurrency on Binance or Coinbase. I bought a land for $80 in Septembe...

Will Gods Unchained Be The New Axs Infinity? (NFT Game)

26 Aug 2022 7 minute read 8 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game that allows you to earn crypto by challenging other players in online PVP matches. The game is free to play and it is possible to earn every day. Registration is very simple: email, password and download (fro...

What will be the future role of Layer2? Differences between ZK and Optimistic Rollups

23 Aug 2022 4 minute read 4 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

The "Merge" will take Ethereum from Proof Of Work to Proof Of Stake. ETH will no longer be mined. What are the positives? Lower energy consumption and greater scalability with the introduction of "Sharding" in 2023. What are the downsides? More centr...

Crypto With Use Cases In Reality? Let's Talk About VeChain (Vet)

20 Aug 2022 3 minute read 16 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

VeChain (Vet) was born in 2017 and is very interesting because it is a blockchain with real use cases. VeChain has a dual token economy: Vet and Vtho. Vet is the governance token (DAO), while Vtho is the gas that runs the network (fee).The blockchain...