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My Situation On Sorare: Premier League, ETH Threshold And MLB Rewards Won

There are now less than 2 months until the MLB season begins. This means that my season on Sorare will also seriously start again. When the MLB season ended, I continued to use Sorare for Football (national leagues and world cup) and NBA basketball. However I have concentrated almost all my investment on the MLB so football and the NBA have only "filled" the season. I remember that on MLB and NBA it is possible to swap your common cards for free.

In football, the cap has been introduced which allows you to earn ETH every GW, totaling a certain score (regardless of the position in the standings reached). 


The free to play section has also been updated by adding common tournaments for English Premier League (added a few days ago!), Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France).  Finally after several years from the birth of Sorare the Premier League was introduced. The main problem was the rights to the English top division. The Premier League was the last thing football needed to attract more players. Now there is total FOMO on auctions. I think it's quite normal because the Premier League is the best league in the world where the strongest players play: Haaland, Kane, Salah, Saka, Bruno Fernandes, Rashford, De Bruyne, Foden, Mount, Son, Bernaldo Silva, Odegaard, Rodrigo, Joao Felix, Allison, Robertson, Alexander Arnold (although this year is a bit in a performance crisis), Trippier, Almiron, Van Dijk, etc The auctions started on January 30, 2023. As with the other tournaments, it will be possible to field a "common" team and try to continue with the promotions by trying to win the limited ones. Then there are limited, rare, super rare, unique card game modes.


The common tournaments allow you to create a team with 400 credits and also have promotions if you win at least 1 limited card and so on. Remember that if you win 5 limited card auctions, you get 1 free. You can also choose your prize: you can win 5 football or 5 NBA or 7 MLB auctions. In all 3 cases, you will receive a limited card that you can use or sell in the market. This however is a limited promo for the launch of the Premier League:


For more info: How Sorare Works: The New Era Of Fantasy Football (NFT), Global Cup Finished On Sorare: Thresholds And Prizes


As for the NBA, many tournaments have been included including: capped mode, conference Eastern, Western, Veteran, Young Players. In capped mode as you know, you have a certain number of points with which to line up your starters because each player is identified by a score (for example 7, 10, 25, 50, 58, etc). This score depends on real-world performance (so it varies).
If 120 usable points are allowed: You can field for example an average of 30 points for 5 players. No, it's not an error. The highest scoring player is not counted to you (shown as MVP) so you have 120 points for 4 players. You are then free to field a player worth 45, 30, 27, etc but you cannot exceed 120 total points. The ones below are the scores, not the capped. Obviously if a player is worth 58 capped and in the game he scores 70, in the following GW his capped will be a little higher than 58.


For more info: NBA Comes To Sorare: How To Play And Trade NFT


Now the season has stopped for a few months, however in about 2 months it will start again. In the off-season, Sorare introduced "scouting missions" that allowed you to get limited free cards if you owned certain players. For example, a list of 10 players is provided (the MVP still active was the first scouting) and if you have all 10, you win a limited for free.
My opinion? A nice idea ruined by laziness. Sorare was supposed to create special cards for these missions. For example, if the managers have only 6 players out of the 10, they have to buy 4, to win a random card (which maybe is worth less than the 4 cards that were missing).
Ok ok, it was just a filler because the offseason is very boring but it didn't take much... to make it an exciting idea.
The past season that started on Sorare when MLB was in the middle of its games was a very good one for me. I boosted my rooster a lot, these are all the cards (NFT) I won (rewards 2022):




This year, I hope to make the big leap right into the super rare league (blue cards) because they are the most valuable ones. My future strategy is to start selling cards I don't need in the upcoming season. Last year, on the other hand, I only accumulated NFT (card), without ever selling. I have received many offers on many cards won but I have always refused them, also because I hope they can acquire value in future seasons. For example for Corbin Carroll:


The addition of new tournaments, the possible cap, threshold with prizes in ETH could greatly increase the price of all these cards. I reluctantly had to sell Liam Hendricks because unfortunately RP of the Chicago White Sox announced he had cancer (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma). I didn't think anyone had bought it anyway but they did (even if I sold at a lower price than the average of his auctions but for me it was all profit because it was a prize won last season). This is my situation today:

aa54e7acaaa821461517d19b16455033f0d777c8dbc28b542ecc44fe910957d4.pngThe biggest addition to the roster was definitely Spencer Strider. This is the most important card in the game because Strider appears with a double SP/RP role so it is possible to deploy him in the RP slot. Notoriously the "true" RP score when a 10/15 points is good. Strider instead being an SP scores about 35/40 points however deployed in the RP slot it becomes devastating. He has been the main addition to my roster. Then I bought some limited cards with several youngsters. What leagues could they enter? Probably American and National League and maybe an age based league.

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