MLB Comes to Sorare: Rules, Rewards and Best Players (FantasyBaseball)

MLB has finally arrived on Sorare. If you know the football version of Sorare, you will already be familiar with this platform that allows you to play by deploying your formation and earn (cards and prizes in ETH). All the cards that you earn by going to prizes can be used to have a stronger and stronger roster or sold (you are paid in ETH). In the "football" version there are also thresholds where you are paid in ETH, probably it will also be added to Sorare MLB. Sorare has managed to forge partnerships with MLB and great players such as Aaron Judge (New York Yankees). If you don't know Aaron Judge, well he is possibly the strongest baseball player in existence with an annual salary of $11 million! But it will be renewed at much higher sums given the incredible season...


It is played with 9 players: 8 position players and 1 pitcher. The dynamics of the game include:
1) Top Inning: attack against defense (1 batsman against the opposing pitcher; the other 7 defenders, teammates of the pitcher, arranged in the field + the catcher)
2) Bottom inning: the team that was in defense goes on offense. Instead who was in attack...defends
978f12b7a730792bc1bbb49fd3c0140386a60968086efa0e97638da4bc1dbd87.jpgThe task of the defense is to eliminate 3 opposing batters so do not score points. A batter is called out:
1) when he suffers 3 strikes from the pitcher
2) when he hits a fly ball and the defense catches it
3) when he bats but fails to reach the base before the ball arrives (it is thrown towards the base where he is running)

The purpose of the attack is to score as many points as possible and then try to get to base and then home plate (or directly make a home run).
If a batter with a "hit" manages to get to the base, he becomes a "runner" and can score points by stealing the bases or if the next partner at bat manages to hit. If there is a runner on base and a home run is made there are 2 runs for the attack. If there are 3 runners on base (full bases), the home run is called "grand slam" and is worth 4 points!
There is no duration limit: each half inning ends when the 3 batters are eliminated. There is no tie, if after 9 innings the game is tied, it continues with 1 inning, then 1 other inning, until one of the two teams closes the innings in advantage.

The order of service is as follows:
Hitter 1: He is usually a "contact" hitter with always beats and is very fast (he is good at stealing bases: SB)

0643d638cf6b07edbb0c65d222ea04ec3f0903e3e9806e7f83f6deae4e422a05.pngHitter 2: He is similar to hitter 1. He is not very powerful but suffers few strikeouts and often ends up on base
Hitter 3: Usually the "best" hitter. He knows how to do everything: he is a contact hitter and often does home runs as well
Hitter 4: Hitter who hits the most home runs and is very powerful. He's the one who brushes the basics if number 3 fails
Hitter 5: He is similar to hitter 4. Sometimes he too is more powerful but he suffers many strikeouts and is often knocked out. If not, he is a home run hitter
Hitter 6-7-8: This is the lower part of the bat and are usually the weakest hitters, especially 7 and 8. Why are they deployed? Because they are good in defense!
Hitter 9: in the past the pitcher was deployed (in the National League; in fact in this league the pitcher was obliged to take his turn to serve). For 4 months, even in the National (as in the American), the "designated hitter" can be used. He is a hitter who does not participate in the defensive phase but is very strong hitter. Sometimes you can even choose a fast hitter who steals the bases


The players that can be deployed are 7 (and not 9). In "extra hitters" they can only put hitters. Instead in "flex" I can put both batters and pitchers. It depends on your strategies! Remember that pitchers are not batters, except in rare cases (Ohtani). The roles are:
b1b5c296665590ec13969bbb18d3d11ae9794204a70dfff5f0627ab25c6bea6b.jpgWhat is the rarity of the cards? We have common (free), limited, rare, super rare and unique cards (as the rarity increases, the price increases! Of course it also depends on the player ...). You can take 13 "common" free cards and try to win "limited" cards which you can then sell on the market).
When you sign up you immediately take 13 "common" cards, if you then buy 7 "limited" cards through auction, you take a "limited" card (the value depends on the player! The distribution is random): Sorare (Signing Up)
The leagues to which it is possible to register are:
1) Training
2) Common All Star (only "common" cards can be deployed and therefore free; for the moment the first 1000 take "limited" cards, in theory therefore cards that can be sold on the market. Values ​​vary from a few dollars to thousands of dollars !)
3) Limited All Star (prizes for the first 750 in the ranking; it is possible to participate with "common" and "limited" cards)
4) Limited Pro (coming soon)
5) Rare All Star (coming soon)
6) Rare Pro (coming soon)
7) Super Rare All Star (coming soon)
8) Unique All Star (coming soon)

Then it should become like this:

I received my first 13 common cards and after the first day I immediately cashed! I arrived 282nd!


This is my "limited" card that I have won (3rd in the photo: Iglesias), it can be resold for ten dollars. However, I could also have won cards of enormous value. Some limited have been sold over $1000!


These are some prices for the S.Ohtani card but in reality there are many players bought at their weight in gold: from Judge, through Goldschmidt. When you participate in an auction, you can check the average prices on SorareData
I advise you to bid, not exceeding that player's average selling price. Remember that auctions are 24/7 and you can find other players. The same player is put back up for auction after a few days.


Of all these cards, about 40% (total supply) will be distributed as rewards in the various leagues. These cards can then be sold (paid in ETH). The "super rare" and above all "unique" cards even reach 20 ETH!


What statistics are taken into account? The points scored by your players are simply added up in that game week (which usually lasts 3 days). There are two gameweeks in 7 days. Under your pitcher if you read "PP", it means that you can field him as a starter because he will throw in the next 3 games. To check the lineups and starting pitchers you can use MLB (Lineup) and Livescore (MLB)


You don't have to worry about all these acronyms. Keep in mind that if a hitter/pitcher is strong he does all those things very well. The only thing to understand is the difference between:
1) Hold (H): 5 points (concerns the reliefs that enter the seventh / eighth inning; a "hold" occurs when his team wins by a maximum of 3 runs and he closes the inning with his team ahead)
2) Save (SV): 10 points (salvation instead goes to the closer who closes the game with his winning team. You don't know which relief / closer to choose? Check here: MLB Closer Battle 2022)


1) Sign up and get your first 13 free "common" cards: Sorare (Signing Up)

2) If you intend to participate seriously trying to win cards worth hundreds of dollars you must buy at least "limited" cards (DYOR, of course), you can connect Metamask on Sorare and deposit ETH (in these months the fees are very low: 1-2 $) or buy directly by credit card. I remember that Sorare is for all budgets. It is also possible to participate by spending only $ 30/40 for 7/8 players! You will also get a random limited, if you buy 7 limited cards through auction. In auctions you read a price, if you bid a little higher that card is yours, if no one offers a higher value when the timer expires. The last minute is always restarted, if someone beats the highest bid. Until the timer goes to 0 and the card is assigned.

3) You can use the cards in the various leagues (which I illustrated above) to win other cards (or ETH as soon as it is placed) or resell them at a higher price. Many users do "scalping": they buy a card but after 1 or 2 days, if the player has made a great performance, they immediately resell it at a higher price! Remember that any card, except "commons" (free), can be sold on the market. My strategy is to accumulate them as much as possible because I believe they can reach very high values ​​because the supply is limited! Baseball has over 100 million viewers in the US alone! However, it is also very popular in Central America and Asia (especially Japan and Korea).


Finally, to help those who do not know the players I report those who in my opinion are the strongest this year:
SP: McClanahan, Alcantara, Burnes, Verlander, Manoah, Gonsolin, Musgrove, Ohtani, Cole, Scherzer, Fried, Kershaw, Sale

RP: Holmes, Devin Williams, Helsley, Schreiber, Minter, Diaz (NY Mets), Barlow, Montero

1B, 3B, DH: Goldschmidt, Ramirez, Alonso, Schwarber, Freeman, Devers, Rizzo, Riley, Betts

2B, SS, C: Turner, Swanson, Lindor, Betts, Edman, Drury, Altuve, Seager

OF: Judge, Alvarez, Soto, Rodriguez, Trout, Tucker, Harper, Stanton, Garcia, Buxton, Azorarena, Pham, Blackmon

Attention! To be competitive it is not necessary that you buy these "top players" because many of them can only be bought with investments of several hundred dollars. In no case it is investment advice but with this article I have only tried to bring a few people closer to this wonderful sport! I personally managed to buy a few on this list. But if you are good, some of these cards can be won!


Sorare (MLB)


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