How Sorare Works: The New Era Of Fantasy Football (NFT)

In today's article I would like to talk about Sorare: an NFT fantasy football that allows big profits. One of the investors is Ubisoft. I'll start by saying that if you want to compete for big prizes, you'll still have to make a small investment and build a team. The NFT "common" league is also present in the game but they do not guarantee prizes in ETH. What are the earning methods?

1) Prize leagues (both finishing in the ranking and exceeding a certain threshold of points. It is possible to win a prize every 3 days)
2) Selling cards

Valuable NFT that allow you to participate in rich tournaments are:
-Limited (max 1000)
-Rare (max 100)
-Super Rare (max 10)
-Legendary (1)

NFT with a higher rarity entitle you to more bonus points and it is possible to participate in tournaments with higher prizes. There are 6 race sections that can be accessed by purchasing a certain number of cards:

-Common (to play with free cards, you can win a maximum of limited cards if you finish in the top 3)
-Mixed (training and weekly for rare, super rare and unique cards)
-Limited Card (need 5 Limited cards)
-Rare (you need at least 3 rares)
-Super Rare (need at least 1 rare or 1 unique, 3 super rare)
-Unique (max 3 unique and 2 super rare)

You can try the game first using common (free) cards for free. The moment you sign up you will receive 10 common cards. Then if you decide to compete for prizes in ETH, you will have to buy 5 limited cards at least (and you will receive a "rare" one for free using the ref link: Sorare). The value of the cards you buy is not important. You can also buy $ 1 limited cards. The "Rare" bonus card that you will receive for free after you have purchased 5, can be worth over $ 300). When I bought 5 NFT I received a rare card. I have also received rare cards inviting friends (red background). This has received good offers because it is a young player:


To buy cards (Market) you can take single ones (cards) or packs (more cards). As long as you bid (there are auctions), you can pay with ETH (Metamask) or credit card. The cards we buy can also be used in subsequent years, until the player leaves football in real life. New teams are added every month and therefore new players. I can buy players who start in starting 11 or young players who are not playing at the moment but could become very strong in the future (in the "market" section, I can set various filters: including age, rarity, price, etc). These are "limited cards" (yellow background) from market (it are not mine):


There can be more cards from the same player, the last season's card gets a + 5% bonus.
Each player has tabs where we can read different statistics:
-Upcoming games
-Average vote
-Followers (if I don't know the player, this statistic can help me understand if he is a valid one or not)
Players can be trained in the "Training" section to make them stronger and receive greater bonuses (XP)

How are the scores determined?
-Penalty granted
-Penalty saved
-Yellow Card
-Red Card

Each card gives bonus based on its rarity:
-Rare + 5% (if your player scores 100 points, you have to add 5%, i.e. he will score 105)
-Super Rare + 25%
-Unique + 40%

Obviously there are many leagues based on the rarity of your cards! If you participate in "limited" or "rare" leagues you will not find players who have "unique" cards against you. These are the "rare" league awards (pictured below). There are also thresholds where you line up 5 starters you can get about $ 30/40 a week (making more than 205 points). Obviously you can also participate in the "limited" league where you can buy 5 cards by spending a few dollars per card (these are auctions to be won).


For statistics and build your team: SorareData and SorareScout

I point out another reason why buying some NFT on Sorare could be profitable. Almost all crypto protocols create a DAO. One day, Sorare might even launch his token and make an airdrop for his subscribers! Of course, always do your research (DYOR).


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