Best Bridges For DeFI Transfers: EVM, Solana, Aptos, Sui, Cosmos

In this post I will report some bridges that will allow you to transfer liquidity from one chain to another. Many of these bridges are tokenless so you may also be eligible for future airdrops. What we are going to do is withdraw from an exchange then using a bridge that transfers our liquidity from one chain to another. Which chains should be used? Obviously I advise you against using Ethereum mainnet because it is very expensive. You could withdraw ETH on Optimism or Arbitrum and then bridge to the chain of your interest.

Steps to do:
1) Transfer liquidity to Optimism or Arbitrum (you will need to withdraw ETH via the Arbitrum or Optimism network from your favorite exchange) to Metamask. If you are on Solana (via Phantom Wallet) and want to transfer to an EVM chain (Optimism, Arbitrum, Scroll, zkSync, zkEVM, Mantle, Manta, Zora, Nova, Ethereum, etc), you will need the Sol token to pay for gas fee on Solana and then ETH on the EVM network
2) Use your favorite bridge (see below). Once you have chosen the bridge, for example if you have ETH on Optimism, switch on Metamask on the Optmism network, finally select the amount you want to transfer to your favorite chain. After a few minutes your ETH will be transferred from Optimism to the new chain. This step usually involves a "bridge fee" of around $1.50


Owlto Finance (tokenless) -> supported chains: Optimism, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Scroll, Starknet, Base, Linea, zkSync ERA, opBNB, BNB Chain, zkEVM, Polygon, Zora, Arbitrum Nova, Kroma, Manta Pacific, Mantle, PGN (PGN is useful for Gitcoin Donations which can lead to airdrop on tokenless projects)

Across (bridge incentive) faster and cheaper bridge--> supported chains: Optimism, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Base, Polygon, zkSync ERA 

Debridge Finance (tokenless) together with Across, it is the fastest bridge because it is actually a cross chain swap --> useful for transferring liquidity between EVM chains or from Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Linea, Base, Avalanche towards Solana 

Orbiter Finance (tokenless) --> supported chains: the most well-known, with the difference that Immutable X and Loopring are also supported

Stargate Finance --> protocol that allows you to transfer native assets using LayerZero technology. Main EVM chains present + zkSync, Linea, Base, zkEVM, Scroll, Mantle, Kava


The Aptos Bridge (tokenless) --> chains supported: useful for transferring liquidity from EVM chains to Aptos

Celer Network --> chains supported: useful for transferring from EVM chains to Astar (Polkadot), Metis, Flow, Oasis, Moonriver, Gnosis, Kava, Sui

Rango Exchange (bridge incentive) --> this cross chain swap supports all EVM chains but also Bitcoin, Tron, Cosmos, Osmosis, Neutron, Thorchain, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Juno, Secret Network, Terra 2.0, Cronos, OKX Chain, etc

Wormhole Portalbridge (tokenless) --> from EVM to Solana, Celo, Moonbeam, Osmosis, Sui, Aptos, Algorand, Sei, Kujira, Terra, Near, etc



Mayan Finance (tokenless) --> from EVM to Solana

Carrier (tokenless) --> from EVM to Solana, Acala, Moonbeam, Karura, Oasis



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