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By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 17 Aug 2020

Good morning beautiful people! Today we celebrate Nonprofit Day by recognizing the goals and positive impacts nonprofits have on communities and the world. Volunteering and non-profit work influence the daily life of less-fortunate people, and because of non-profit work someone can receive medication, children receive support for school or individuals can receive care or services they cannot usually afford.

Let's start on a funny note and start on a funny note with this joke I found while surffing on Facebook.a65472278bc8a8f0ddf452e22390795625228a7c384dc330d73134eef715c4b6.jpeg

Updates from the crypto-world

Bitcoin starts the week from $11800 and the general expectation, based on last week performance, is to rise above $12k and maintain the growing trend.

Last night I've done my first ETH deposit from Publish0x, since it was integrated in the tipping system. Also the weekly income was higher, as a result of the 30% raise of tip value. Thank you to the Publish0x team for their great work. The users who didn't withdrew their DAI, will have it automatically swapped to ETH tomorrow.

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) approved a greenlist containing approved cryptocurrencies trade and custody

Elrond will launch a phone app called Maiar, which will allow individuals to instantly create wallets using the phone number, send money border-less, instantly and minimal fee. The best part of Maiar? Will be a non-custodial wallet.

Be alert! A virus is lurking in the shadows, modifying the destination wallet when sending Bitcoin or Ethereum. Always double-check the addresses where to send your assets.

As Celsius Network added five new coins, with interest up to 22.40%. The highest rate is for Matic Network and Syntetix (SNX), but which one will bring better revenue? Check the Syntetix v Matic duel for more information.

Is India fueling the next Bitcoin bull run? It is very likely to spark the price rise, as India’s peer-to-peer bitcoin transaction volumes have doubled in the last months.

Binance will offer free SXP for 12 weeks, starting 17.08.200, to all BNB holders. A total of 4 million SXP tokens will be airdroped weekly. Binance will take snapshots of user BNB balances to calculate each users’ weekly average BNB holding amount and award SXP tokens

Global news

Lots of political updates from Steven_BA, political expert with BA and MSc in International Relations. The Beirut explosion made the Lebanon political situation worsen, with crowds of people waiting for food, water or medical supplies.

Israel and UAE made an historical peace agreement, which will establish diplomatic relations. The opposite of peace is currently happening in Belarus, where Aexandr Lukashenko won the elections and the population is protesting against him. They were repulsed with brutality, the police and the army using tear gas, rubber bullet and live ammo.

Shocking news in the football world, as Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona, after his side was demolished 8-2 in the UEFA Champions League, by Bayern Munich. The German side will face Olimpique Lyon on Wednesday, for a place in the UCL final. PSG and Red Bull Leipzig will duel in the other semi-final and my prediction is a 100% German final. In the Europa League, Internationale Milano and Shaktar Donetk are playing today,  and the winning team will play FC Sevilla in the final.

Education and kindle books

Being driven by the call to write something different, I came up with my first fantasy/crypto-related story. The Aelf Prince, the Supreme Wizard and the Thieves Guild takes a different approach and explanation of the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, and how the CCTP is hacker-proof.

Took advantage of one of the Kindle promotional offers and activated countdown deals for my books, therefore the Kindle editions are down up to 92% of the paperback price.

Quick guide in Stretching - Flexibility and muscle tone

Purple Yam & Purple Sweet Potato (The Art of Happiness) 

The Under-Foxes: The Greatest Underdog Story in World Football History

Chromotherapy - Colours and Well-being - Full Colours 

Chromotherapy - Colours and Well-being 

Lucian Bute - Mister KO: From Pechea to Glory!  

Happiness Guide: How to boost your Serotonin level 

Weaning like a PRO 


More and more information ...

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