Matic Network (MATIC) vs Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

 Lately we could see that Celsius Network added some extra coins and tokens. Between all of them, i can notice that two are getting quite attractive interest rates. I am talking about Matic Network (MATIC) and Synthetix Network Token (SNX), both receiving 16.16% (22.40% if you are at the Platinum Level). But which one to choose, this is the question?

Matic Network (MATIC) is ranked #104 right now, and despite having a value x200 times smaller than SNX, its last 24H volume was $40 millions, as opposed to $63 millions for SNX. Matic Network has practically everything that we would ever expect from ETH, it is using an adapted version of Plasma, capable of 65536 transactions per block on a single Matic chain, scalable to millions of transactions per second (at least in theory), and it is PoS (Proof of Stake).  Has ties with Coinbase, Binance and Decentraland, while it is also supporting MakerDAO (You know them, the guys with DAI ). 

Interesting stuff, if you check on the native Matic website, staking 10.000 MATIC will give you this:


As you see, if you chose to stake 10.000 MATIC for one year, the reward is 37%, with 15% more than the interest offered by Celsius.Network. Of course, this also means that you cannot access your MATIC for one year, as opposed to instant access if you have it on your Celsius app. Also, Celsius is not changing their interest rates too often, at least not downwards. While MATIC can change in one year, and provide a different return. Some people still remember having BAT on Compound at 36%, for 1-2 days before the governance decided to change it to 0.21%. In the Cryptoverse, there is no safety belt to use, just your intelect and your intuition. This is a short resume of MATIC.

No SNX, this is completely on another level of activity and difficulty. Synthetix Network Token (SNX)  is a protocol for trading synthetic assets on Ethereum, giving you on-chain exposure to any asset. Most of the technical informations are here on, and as you can see bellow, sUSD is the most used, closely followed by sETH and sBTC. There are other synths minted, such as LINK, XTZ, BCH,LTC, ADA and many more.


There is also a Synthetic Exchange and an app called Mintr, where you can perform a variety of actions in the Synthetix Network. It provides an easy and intuitive interface that allows users to mint and burn Synths, manage their collateralisation ratio, collect fees generated by circulating Synths, send sUSD to a selling queue, view their balances and Mintr history, unlock escrowed SNX, and more. If someone can give me a link to understand how you use sUSD and SNX to claim fees, just to check if i didn't miss anything, i will really appreciate. Thanks. 

Now SNX got a lot of untaped potential, and it is much more than a network, but MATIC has a low price per token. Both of them are potentially good to HODL, anyway, given the same amount of money, my bet if on MATIC, for a better profit margin. I can see SNX going from $5 to $10 in September, but it is much easier for MATIC to reach $0.05, even $0.1 until the end of the year. 

A special mention for Livepeer (LPT), with 10.51% (  up to 14.20% with Platinum Level) interest rates offered by Celsius app. Ranked #117 today, Livepeer (LPT) is a decentralized video transcoding network built on the Ethereum blockchain. I can see something called video-miner, and i like it. Basically a video miner is a node on the Livepeer network that advertises the price it will charge for video transcoding, rewarding you with cryptocurrency for mining with your GPUs. I will try to see how this is working, and LPT value is quite high at the moment. This is the guide if you dream being a video miner. Warning, you may need to run your own Ethereum node and as i tried, i realized that i do not have the tehcnology required and the OS to do this optimally. You can bypass this issue renting a node from places like Infura or Alchemy. 

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as i had doing the research. In the end i decided to get 2200 MATIC with my $60 worth of BTC on Binance, which i will probably stake on MATIC native wallet for 33-36% rewards. If i manage to find a day with lower fees. 


Take care and enjoy the ride!




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