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Aelf (ELF) is a blockchain-based cloud computing focused platform that was founded in 2017 by Ma Haobo. Like other cloud computing focused projects, it lets users rent spare computing resources out to others on the network, for which they are rewarded in ELF tokens. The network uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.

The team says that there are three elements to the platform that make it an ideal choice for cloud computing: high performance, resource segregation, and optimized governance structure. As described by the team, the first is achieved through the consensus mechanism, the second through the use of side chains and cross-chain communication, and the third through the token structure that allows users to vote on how the platform evolves. The platform is marketed as a highly customizable OS that the team wants to be the “Linux system” for blockchain. 

The key areas of development are facilitating a highly customizable OS, cross-chain communication, performance improvements and private chain modules. Another important area in the team’s vision for the platform is in the ecosystem. The team will focus strongly on ecosystem development in three major areas: technology, business and capital. Targeted industries include financial services, digital identity management, the Internet of Things and smart cities. 

In 2019, Aelf has worked to expand its ecosystem. It is now supported by both Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and Amazon’s AWS. Partnerships include Japanese gift card provider Amaten. 2020 will see the project move into phase 5, which will test and enhance features that have been developed in the field.

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aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 Preview 3 officially Released

1 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Mappo

  On Tuesday, 23th of June, aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 Preview 3 was launched. It is a comprehensive commercial blockchain solution, including a fully developed blockchain ecosystem, development suite, and supporting documents for basic applications and...

aelf’s Enterprise Blockchain Solution is Critical for Worldwide Adoption

23 Jun 2020 4 minute read 3 comments Mappo

  Deloitte Survey reports more enterprises are entering blockchain at record pace A recent study by Deloitte found that 41% of companies across the globe have blockchain in production. It has long been known that the mindset and sentiment of...

Can GitHub activity be used as a metric to evaluate blockchain performance ?

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aelf supports CBDC’s in a practical manner

17 Jun 2020 3 minute read 1 comment Mappo

  The aelf solution provides CBDCs with a practical platform mitigating many of the foreseen challenges Amid the global pandemic, many countries are revising their legislation, financial systems and regulations. There has been a mass awakenin...

aelf’s Hacker Bounty Phase 1 has Concluded

15 Jun 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Mappo

The CCTP held true amid intense hacking from multiple teams On May 29th, aelf launched phase 1 of the hacker bounty with a reward amount of 88,888 ELF based on the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP). The Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) ensu...

Lisk, aelf & Chainlink beat Bitcoin to top Github Activity charts

8 Jun 2020 2 minute read 1 comment Mappo

Ethereum, EOS, Tron & Ripple can't even compete Bitcoin has dropped to 9th place with the top 3 most active projects going to Lisk, aelf, and Chainlink for Github commits over the last 12 months according to Github reporting site CryptoMiso. Each...

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Post-COVID World — Role Blockchain can play and why scaling matters !!

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