Telos TULIP Phase 2: Uniswap Listing

TELOS (TLOS) UniSwap Listing: More Exposure To The Most Powerful Blockchain's Token

If the Phase 1 of the TULIP was a success bringing the TLOS price from $0.04 to a steady $0.25 (even reached $0.36) then there's more to come since the Phase 2 is about to happen this March!


Bounce.Finance is a Decentralized Auction Protocol. A swapping environment unlocking the potential of open finance.

Primary activities in the platform would include:

  • OTC Trading - Choose whether to trade publicly or stealth between parties with Fixed-Swap
  • Initial Token Offering - Start-ups can launch or users can invest on Token-Sales with Sealed-Bid or Dutch Auction
  • NFT Auction - Buy /Sell blockchain-based assets whether physical or even digital.

Since Bounce platform is primarily offering Token-Sales, The Whole Telos Community have used this edge to launch the token offering a grand total of 20 Million TLOS in a single tranche (wave/batch) which is equivalent to 10% of the circulating supply of the governance token. After exactly 24 hours during the launch of the ERC-20 Token Pre-Sale on Bounce, the Uniswap Token launch will then take place.

The ERC-20 Tokens available in the presale will be sold at a higher price than the Native TLOS Tokens which is currently available to buy here:
Probit, Cointiger and Tswaps. However, the presale price will represent a discounted price on the Uniswap listing price.


The Price?

Let the market decide WHEN there is real liquidity and this will happen anytime soon after March 1.

After the presale has already been completed (the 24 hours time-frame) a Uniswap trading pool of ETH and TLOS that was the result of the presale will be locked for two years to ensure long-term LIQUIDITY on the Uniswap Platform and the ongoing liquidity for TLOS.

presale buyers, and the Ethereum community will have on to ONE WEEK to exclusively trade or add to the Liquidity Pools on Uniswap before the pTokens (Eth-based) bridge opens allowing these tokens to pass without any complexity between Eth and Telos Blockchains. Thus, trading other ERC-20 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain will have virtually ZERO Fees.

Need not to worry because the Native TLOS Tokens will be circulating and will continue to empower millions of applications and still ensures lightning-speed transactions inside the network. This will be used within the vast Telos ecosystem for Telos DeFi, Rex Staking and a lot more benefits to all dApps dwelling inside.

Within a week of the Uniswap listing, the pTokens bridge will be live and would allow the two-way trading of native TLOS Tokens and the ERC-20 TLOS Tokens being pegged into 1:1, making it quick and effortless to redeploy anybody's TLOS on the blockchain of choice.


The Future of TLOS

A popular exchanger such as Kucoin listing is the top priority from the funds gained from the presale.

Creating dedicated liquidity pools and ensuring TLOS whether Native or ERC-20 will be available in MORE MARKETS.

TSwaps DeFi platform on Telos will lock a large pool of pETH and Native TLOS nsuring that high liquidity exists on both sides of the pTokens Ethereum-Telos Bridge.


The goal will then be NOT to replace Ethereum or any other blockchain but to work hand in hand (help each other) via the pTokens bridge that allows TLOS holders to put their TLOS to work in staking, DeFi, dApps and more cross-chain activities.

The Telos Community, including myself, is proud because we are directly community driven governance on all blockchain projects and is eagerly enthusiastic with what the future brings.


Considering buying TLOS now?

Let's buy TLOS Token now. This is the Platform Token of the word's most powerful and fastest blockchain. More powerful than Ethereum, ADA and Tron. Help me earn too by registering on my referral link when you buy TELOS (TLOS) and start trading.

Wanted to store TLOS with available pBTC Token already and acts as a Web-Wallet?
Create one now: https://Wallet.Telos.Net

Check the latest and most important updates on Twitter by following the Telos Foundation account above.

Because of the high fees on the ETH Blockchain, here's what happened on one of their most popular social media that dwells there:

A Breaking News from CoinTelegraph last February 12, 2021.

Let us now begin to think logically by looking at the charts:


We can all see the steep parabolic curve of success! Just like Bitcoin!

if we are looking at A MONTH PROGRESS in reference to the market cap which is directly proportional to the price, BOOM! The chart already speaks for itself.


In CoinGecko, on the other hand,


While writing this blog, I need to be objective but I just can't help myself get astonished of this success. Oh yes, Bitcoin, Doge, BNB,, DOT, and ADA and a lot more are successful, but we tend to overlook this hidden gem in the vast beach sands.

If this is already booming without the start of the super exciting TULIP Phase 2, brace yourselves what these charts would show this March 2021! I will just have to prepare myself and practice not to faint!

Please be informed and check TLOS price here: AT the time of writing, it is $0.25 , a quarter of a Dollar

What can you say about this? Please tell me your thoughts on the comments section.

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Thank you for reading.


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