What TELOS (TLOS) Did To Increase Its MarketCap to 300% In Just A Month?

Imagine a Blockchain way more powerful and faster than Ethereum does not have any visibility in the trading platforms.


The Telos Uniswap Liquidity Implementation Plan (TULIP) - The Solution To LOW Liquidity For TLOS




Telos is considered to be the MOST POWERFUL Blockchain. It is leading in providing innovative solutions to the dapp developers and projects based on its cutting-edge technology. It is also one of the fastest and highest capacity blockchains and is ranked number 2 on Blocktivity.info for the number of daily transactions this Y2020. It also holds the record for the highest Blocktivity Potential Index that measures a network's potential market capitalization based on usage/activity. The BPI index of Telos is 373,142. the next one closest to this value is HIVE with 15,125 and the third one is surprisingly Ethereum which has a BPI of 9. Yes, Nine point zero. That's it!

Even though the Telos blockchain has all this edge to be the leading blockchain across the entire globe, it's platform token $TLOS is not heavily traded on exchangers which makes the existing users concerned about being able to quickly buy and sell the tokens. This causes the capitalization far lower than other platform tokens that are quite similar to Telos like the most popular of all ~ Ethereum which has around $154.5 Billion compared to Telos now $11 Million dollars in the coinmarketcap compared to what's written on the site which is around $2-Million when this news was released. Thus, implemented, here are the gains.

Imagine the $8-Million jump just because of this Solution that the Telos Community members have worked hand-in-hand.


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Rest-assured that the The community is consistently generating ideas on how to make the platform profitable and not just being the best blockchain ever which makes it more worth joining. The community initiated a plan, and now they are reaping the rewards of their ingenuity. As for us APPICS members, we would be more confident that there would be a lot in store for us and the ease of buying or selling APX to a lot of exchangers where EOS or just even TLOS alone is listed.

The total plan executing TULIP has not yet even completed yet, they are still in the initial stages of their forecasted processes.

  • The T-Bond NFT sale which raised $100,000 or more or less 3.0 BTC was a triumphant success a fEw days ago.
  • The first ERC-20 TLOS Tokens or the pTokens have also been sold where there have been a major discounted price for buyers till the Uniswap Trading begins. Good-bye high ETH Gas Fees.
  • The ERC-20 TLOS on the ETH blockchain will be pegged at 1:1. Thus the price of the native and ERC-20 TLOS rises which will be a gain for smart traders by equalizing the price difference between the two.

This will initiate the pump of TLOS price on listed exchangers.

It is such a solid plan that these amazing people have come up with rather than just being tweeted by someone prominent in the social media. If you know what I mean.

 Hello r/WallStreetBets here we are! You might wanna check us out!

As of now, the price of Telos (TLOS) is: $0.04

Rooting for this promising project that I have laid my eyes on in my years of dealing with cryptocurrencies, blogging sites and trading.

For more information, please do not hesitate to check the website. If you are a dApp developer and you wanted to migrate to a more powerful blockchain with virtually zero fees, then please do not hesitate to connect with our CEO Suvi, or the Senior Architect Douglas Horn.


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Thank you for reading.


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