Groestlcoin (GRS) - Technological Advancement Cryptocurrency

Being one of the pioneers in the industry and providing a constant program-wide updates should be considered whenever you plan to invest and HODL into cryptocurrencies.

Groestlcoin (GRS) was offered to the public last March 2014. One of the pioneers who dwell in the Blockchain Technology which primarily focusing on Technological Advancement.

It is the FIRST crypto to activate SEGWIT (Segregated Witness) and the first digital asset to use Lightning Network mainnet transaction.

The program ensures major Development Release every 90 days (3-months). The developers and the GRS team are always constantly on the look-out and committed for improvements, use-case, functions, mass adoption, network reliability and competitiveness towards other similar digital assets. For me, these are the best factors to consider whenever someone would actually think what to HODL when you are already about to buy a crypto using your favorite exchanger or trading site.

Let's take a look at its chart since its conception.


Screenshot is from coinmarketcap

We would be able to see that it has existed since March 2014 but it has only been predominantly active since January 2017. I was able to see Groestl being promoted by Livecoin at the top of its page those times and that was mid-2017, The first time I have been active in trading cryptocurrencies and definitely one of the few coins I was able to practice and gotten myself immersed doing a Day-Trade.

Come to think of the spikes it produced that were being directed by the red arrows. It was really capable of a weekly +300% of your principal funds when you bought this coin on that period (Y2017)

Why not buy a few when you'll get 2.5 GRS out of your $1.00? Price is subject to change according to Market Value.

Take a look at the Real-Time value of Groestl (GRS) in USD and BTC respectively.


With a Market Capitalization of $25 Million Dollars to date (8th of May 2019) versus the Circulating Supply of 75-Million units, I believe that this coin is still holding a promising edge towards other coins in the mid-ranks of the Top 100.

With Total ROI of 8,000% since the time it was launched having a value of $0.001-$0.003 (even from being once cent of a dollar) I firmly attest that we, have already been able to gain much from exchanging this coin during its all time high amounting to $2.69 last December 2017. (Same period with Bitcoin's All-Time-High)

Aside from these major factors, these are the other edge of this astonishing coin

Private Transactions. GRS is also considered a privacy coin. The Samurai wallet leverages its anonymity, security and stealth addresses which is supported by both TOR and VPN technology along with onboard AES-256 encryption.

GRS has secured a dedicated wallet platform for each mobile device models / brands.


Image source

Android | iOS | BlackBerry | Windows | macOS | Linux | ChromeOS | Web

Just choose among these brands / Operating Systems

Zero Fees. Imagine sending 1.0 up to 10,000 GRS it will only cost us 0.000045 GRS as transfer fees. Gosh too many zeros from the decimal point. It's like already sending any amount for FREE.

The main function why Groestlcoin (GRS) was to establish this electronic payment model which is purely based on mathematical proof. This is the system that is independent from the influence of centralized authorities such as banks, government, taxation and community impact. Making it the so-called Decentralized process.

Another cutting edge of GRS is the coin can be mined. GRS are created by miners on its network as a reward for confirming transaction. The coin was limited to only 105 Million Groestlcoins to exist when all coins have already been depleted through mining.

For you as an investor to fully LOVE Groestlcoin (GRS), these are the major use-cases that the program have implemented for its investors and members.

GRS is the only coin to be sent over SMS. (Short-Messaging-System) This involves your local mobile phone network using the so-called Text-Messaging System.

Released last 18th of March 2019 only as one of its Major Development, as a former Banker myself, this is a really significant payment breakthrough for me.

Visa® has collaborated and extended their services to Groestlcoin (GRS), this was made possible by Equicex.


You will be able to send GRS to this prepaid card and act as ready funds for payments in any stores or merchants that accepts ViSA. You can also withdraw these funds on any ATM worldwide with the local bank's withdrawal fees. (Based on my experience, it is a whooping $5.00 charge deducted to your remaining balance - because it was issued in a different country)

Check it out here and apply:

Another Card available for its users: 

Visa® card for Groestlcoin GRS - Black Edition!


100% Anonymous, NO ID needed, NO Utility Bills required, NO load limits, and can be linked to your local bank accounts (just choose one local bank). The Black Visa is issued offshore from a local bank in Belize.

To Apply for one, click here:

Groestlcoin (GRS) also partnered with Mastercard which is powered by (PolisPay) but due to the Major Development implemented. They have retracted their tie-up with Mastercard and now just focusing on VISA.

The official Hardware Wallet now of Groestlcoin (GRS) is Bitfi.


Delivering an unmatched user experience and total funds protection, Bitfi wallet is designed using patent pending technologies for total satisfaction.

Image sources and latest Major Development updates every 90 days can be found here: March 2019 Update

Happy Fifth Year Anniversary - Latest Major Development Update

There are lots of things to enumerate with this amazing cryptocurrency that makes it stand out from the rest of Bitcoin itself and the Top Altcoins. Here are the significant things I have included:

The Only Coin to:

  • Have succesfully ported Bitcoin Armory, has over 120 Electrum servers, succesfully ported Multibit HD, has ported Electrum client to Java, have over 170 repositories of developed work, have wallets which can use NFC tags as encryption key, ported Msigna, ported Sentinel, still being compiled with Visual Studio (like Satoshi himself did).

One of the FEW Coins to:

  • Have an Ubuntu PPA available, succesfully implemented BIP147. I know Bitcoin cash did too. Say hello to Secured Paperwallets with Private Keys, have a working testnet and to have wallets there as well and lastly,host their own block explorer.

Please see this for proof: Wiki for Crypto | Groestlcoin (GRS)

For more information, please visit the Groestlcoin (GRS) website. You will see the countdown update (today is 45 days out of the 90 days they need to let all their users know). The next part as you scroll down would be generating the idea or the intention for you to BUY GRS coin using your Credit/ Debit Card. Powered by Changelly. A pure deliberate strategy to gain GRS holders indeed! Though the default coin is BTC, you are opted to buy GRS of course if you are in their website.

Here is the website and is a real must to visit


This blog is meant to be seen by Groestlcoin (GRS) developers to invite them to create a publish0x account to promote their program with other developers, investors, content creators and our cryptocurrency-active readers here on this amazing blogging platform.

For GRS holders to share their amazing experience using the cryptocurrency for peer2peer payments and trading with other coins. Be proud to say you are also one of the many who were able to feel the triumph after a long wait of the HODL or even the profitability you gained doing a Day-Trade last Y-2017.

Definitely, one of the best experiences I've had with this digital asset last 2017 led me to continue delving in the world of cryptocurrency trading. I always make sure that I just SELL 25% to USD using Livecoin that time then BUY back once the price dipped. (then there is Thunder after the lightning while I type this line) Ok fine! I will admit! It's 50% I usually SELL out of my holdings during the major surge.

For really more in-depth information, here are the useful links to visit

Pay with GRS News & Info | Wallets Apps | Testnet | Lightning Network | Buy | Donate | Team | Follow (Social Media)| Contact


My only Question is, what are the technological advancement projects this cryptocurrency have implemented as a major priority of this program? I was not able to see one aside from establishing your own platform.

This is Fycee, thank you so much for dropping by and checking my write-up about Groestlcoin (GRS).

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor and this is just sharing significant information for you to know about this cryptocurrency just like how I was able to get aware of it based on my experience holding and trading this coin. Please perform your own due diligence when making an investment. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and involves high-risk.

If you have also experienced the same thing trading this currency, neither a negative feed-back please do not hesitate to post it in the comments section. Thank you for the support you are giving me.

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See you on my next blog!

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