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The NFT's were originally introduced and proliferated as blockchain-integrated collectibles like CryptoKitties in a game. The most popular that has reached the mass was under the ENJIN platform.

I am so proud I was able to share this one here in Publish0x a long time ago and now, I will just use this information because the concept thrived into a way bigger amount of use-cases thereafter.

Non-Fungible Tokens used to be these rare cards, tradeable creatures, scarce weapons or mighty heroes only. Then as the technology and idea progress, it turned out being used as original digital art pieces,

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) contain identifying information recorded in their smart contracts. Each has an information unique to one another and they cannot be directly replaced by another token but ranging in value.

Introducing: AreaXNFT


AreaX NFT is an NFT marketplace based on Marble Standard. You can tokenize your asset easily and enjoy the AreaX gamification ecosystem.   When you check the site, it is automatically on a dark-mode and you will be amazed with the remarkable minimalist home-page.   

What is a Marble Standard?

A modular digital item standard for EOSIO software. Marble is an open-source token standard where contributions and improvements are welcomed by the community. To make a contribution, simply fork this repo and submit a PR for your changes. In order to avoid duplication of work, it's best to engage with the community first to determine what would be an acceptable addition to the standard. Marble Smartcontract of AreaXNFT

Another product available here in the AreaXNFT is the T-Bond which are a kind of NFT that has a certain value. These are Crypto Tokens that act like treasuries which can be sold or traded on secondary markets or can be used as yield hedge for tokens offering staking rewards. It has a certain amount of time that you can hold these tokens and as it matures, the value increases like land or fixed assets. The Telos T-Bonds has recently gone through a successful sale and the bundles are all nearly sold-out.

As of Feb 3, 2021, yesterday,

Now, just before I publish this blog it was all sold-out.  

As these arts and T-bonds are tokenized into NFT, which are effectively unique tokens designed to represent a single asset, whether digital or physical, have become the gold standard for attributing blockchain ownership to digital art and other collectibles.   I even have two NFT's of my own. A physical asset that would soon have a value. 


My own AreaXNFT account wherein my paintings are now uploaded.    

Let's try to ponder these things:

NFTs are the true missing link between online and offline objects and will transform not only art, but also business, finance, society, and culture.   There is an immense possibilities of NFT's, it will then also spark other businesses like the logistics and freelancing individuals doing the delivery of such physical products. 

The NFT is a super-promising project that would truly gain a huge marketcap because it is a combination of the Online and Traditional businesses put together.   

Imagine if everything that is posted on Amazon and E-Bay is an NFT? What would this mean to the cryptocurrency market?  

I'll leave everyone with this thought!  

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My first write-up about NFT is about the EnjinCoin and now it evolved into something greater rather than just a gaming token as its primary use.  

Enjin Coin (ENJ) - Crafted For The Gaming Industry.


The AreaXNFT is running in the Telos Network powered by the EOSIO technology.  


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Thank you for reading.


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