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Bitcoin Cash Updates: Buy&Sell BCH In US Malls, Plus Cannabis Industry Collaboration Announced By Roger Ver

1 day ago fycee $2.52 (448.3145 BNTY)

I have always been a fan of Bitcoin Cash eversince the Bitcoin Hard-Fork Announcement. I didn't even realize that we would acquire the same amount of BCH from the amount we HODL our Bitcoin for a certain period of time. From the FREE BCH that was int...

BitTorrent (BTT) - Decentralized File-Sharing Token

3 days ago fycee $1.78 (317.5349 BNTY)

This amazing new comer within the Top 50 cryptocurrency ranking allows content creators to connect to their audiences, let them earn from their files which can generate seeds and spend their earnings without the fuss of being mediated by any middle-m...

Current Cryptocurrency Trading Volume - The Summation Of Transactions From All Exchangers

4 days ago fycee $1.72 (305.5739 BNTY)

Enormous figures of the total Buy and Sell of all cryptocurrencies will really blow our minds knowing in 24 hours, the market now is already generating $81.74 Billion total trading volume from all the listed trading sites all over the globe. Bitcoin...