Telos EVM

Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) - No More High Fees in ETH

High Fees for dApp Developers No More!


Telos EVM

Ethereum Virtual Machine processing Solidity contracts on Telos but faster and holds a higher capacity with only 1% of the total Ethereum Gas Fees which we all know that also pumped just like what its mother token did.

What is Solidity Smart Contract?

Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contract are programs which govern the behavior of accounts within the Ethereum state. Solidity was influenced by C++, Python and javaScript and is designed to target the EVM.

Therefore, more developers trust and rely in creating Decentralized Applications (DApps) in the Telos Blockchain for having no downtimes, glitches, server time-out, and keeping all created objects safe from being modified.

For certain types of dApps lying in the Ethereum blockchain, most cannot support its processes because of the huge gas fees that DeFi projects are creating on Ethereum. The Telos EVM, however, offers a fantastic solution allowing them to operate at a tiny fraction of the total expenditure. No wonder more and more platforms are MIGRATING to the super-powered blockchain here with us in Telos, just like my super beloved APPICS program.

Less cost of operating expenses, more rewards for the users and more features to come such as the Live-streaming and many more tech advancement.

By supporting these Ethereum developers is one of the major reason why telos has been working with pTokens to deploy and Ethereum-Telos bridge with swap pools on each side. At launch, Telos EVM will have a block explorer, Metamask integration and dedicated history nodes to ensure integrity and reliability.

What's in it for dapp developers?

This is highly recommended for dapps that can no longer afford the increasing gas fees of Ethereum. The native token used on EVM will be a direct 1:1 peg for $TLOS extending the usage. Telos EVM will have fees though far lower from what the ETH gas fees at the moment (a mind blowing 1%) they will still be able to create more need and usage for the $TLOS Tokens.

As Telos gains more income for these projects, it is believed that the chain supports its infrastructure and can use these fees to fund all network functions to remain a NO-INFLATION CHAIN after the current reserves are exhausted.

Check them out here:

Latest tweet of the Telos Senior Architect @Douglas_Horn. The Twitter account of the main Telos Blockchain is @HelloTelos.

The Telos EVM is just one of the Major Projects in 2021. Here is a list that will ensure the momentum of success that this blockchain has.

Telos Technical Roadmap 2021

Latest news shared about Telos EVM in CoinTelegraph: Telos to Support Ethereum-Compatible Smart Contracts on Its Network

For more information and immediate support, join us on the Official Telegram Group Chat: with currently 3,300 members:




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