Syscoin - Create Your Own Cryptocurrency For Your Business

Large-scale companies, Medium Enterprise Businesses or even just having an E-Commerce site can now start having their own cryptocurrency for payments. The platform offers a customized solution for all your business processes such as database, decentralized marketplace, fully functional applications and distributed ledger through the power of blockchain technology.

Leverage Your Business Into The Blockchain


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Running through Z-DAG technology, it makes all transactions fast and open-source whilst making it still secured.

Syscoin Assets can make you create your own cryptocurrency or token using the platform. This can be used for customizing your payments without the use of credit cards that involves high fees, interest rates and penalties. By creating your own cryptocurrency, you can also monitor your trading volume which can actually make this an edge and get you visible in the international market plus a whole lot more opportunities when you do have your own digital currency.

By creating your own desktop or web-based e-commerce platform for your business, Syscoin protocol offers a decentralized marketplace system using a powerful API to make your online retail process seamless and reliable.

Zero Confirmation Transactions. The problem using Bitcoin for payments is the elapsed time needed to acquire the necessary amount of confirmation before a transaction is processed. It usually takes 10 minutes for a single confirmation but still depends on the transfer fees you have selected. It's more likely needing three confirmations before the amount is shown as being transferred and not necessarily credited to the account yet but might take a lot of time to complete the transaction as it needs several confirmations. Here on Syscoin, transactions are processed with no confirmation needed after the transfer was made.

The platform allows users to mine Bitcoin and Syscoin at the same time with no increase in cost and just use the same difficulty level. Syscoin provides unmatched security which reduces network vulnerabilities that shields your business from any DDOS attacks.

Still not convinced that this is a great edge for your business? Take a look at the icons.


If you are a developer then check this out: 

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Syscoin (SYS) As A Cryptocurrency:

Currently ranked #138 in CoinMarketCap, with an astounding ROI of +2,485.75%, certainly an amazing profits for early adopters! This coin is absolutely meant for a long-term HODL but please do not take my word for it coz I am not a financial advisor and this is just my own perception because the platform offers a really promising activities set for the members.


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Real-Time exchange values of Syscoin from CoinGecko both in BTC and USD respectively:

Download a Syscoin wallet here

Download Syscoin QT 3.2 on Github Now!

Buy and Sell Syscoin (SYS) on these exchangers

Bittrex | Binance | Changelly | UpBit | Livecoin | Sistemkoin | |VeBitcoin | AEX | Trade By Trade | Bittylicious | Tux Exchange | Poloniex


For more updates: Syscoin profile on publish0x is here for us to follow.

Please do not forget to check the website itself:


I have checked that there will be a Hardfork for Syscoin 4.0. The target block height is 548,662 which will occur most likely on June 4, 2019 (Tuesday). This upcoming milestone for this digital asset is really exciting as we anticipate intensive marketing campaigns.

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Why have I stumbled checking out Syscoin (SYS) and create this write-up about this promising program?

I have recently had in mind to exchange the few CPS (CoinPayments) that I have to BTC. My account was able to accumulate certain amount of CPS through using CoinPayments site storing some of the unpopular coins that I gained from Airdrops or Bounty. The site also offers ulitmately LESS fees compared to other exchangers when you transfer digital assets. Check my write-up here posted exactly a month ago.

CoinPayments (CPS) - The Lowest Transfer Fees With 1,275 Digital Assets To Store

The only ways we could exchange CPS are thru peer-to-peer and thru Syscoin Platform, I was opted to check out the Syscoin Platform for me to proceed to the process. 

If you also have CPS like me from using coinpayments wallet then, let's take a second thought in exchanging it. let's just HODL our coins inside our web wallet and keep it stored in the vault. There is an annual 25% interest rate given per moth if we hold our CPS. In due time, I can see a bright future of both CoinPayments and Syscoin and will reap the rewards. I will constantly give updates if there is a new way to exchange CPS in the future.

What's in it for the Publish0x readers about Syscoin Platform write up that I am sharing now?

A lot of developers and business owners are now members of publish0x and constantly reading amazing updates about cryptocurrencies and online opportunities. Since Syscoin is an amazing platform for them to leverage their businesses into the blockchain, then this post is really beneficial to everyone who will drop by and read this information.

Thank you so much for dropping by and I highly appreciate your support.

This is @fycee, follow me and check out my other posts here:


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