BitTorrent (BTT) - Decentralized File-Sharing Token
BitTorrent (BTT) - Decentralized File-Sharing Token

This amazing new comer within the Top 50 cryptocurrency ranking allows content creators to connect to their audiences, let them earn from their files which can generate seeds and spend their earnings without the fuss of being mediated by any middle-man that would avoid further fees from both ends.

Definitely a breakthrough in the file-sharing process.

BitTorrent is tokenizing the world's largest decentralized file sharing protocol.

“Decentralized platforms promote openness, spurn censorship and reward their participants. Projects such as TRON are working on building better global infrastructures for this.”

~ Entrepreneur

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BitTorrent (BTT) is the token that enables Blockchain mass adoption
Running in the Tron, Blockchain to deploy faster transactions, this also serves as a utility token with a TRC-10 function.

Check out the Blockchain of BitTorrent under the Tron Network:

Blockchain Explorer

You will see there pertinent information like where this program originated (Singapore) and how much funds were raised (159 Million TRX), 100 Million members in the community including myself, 419,218 Token holders at the moment plus a lot more things to know.

To BUY BitTorrent from listed exchangers are shown in their website. Kindly check the site link itself to know more as you do your own research and perform due diligence.



Key Features:

Faster Downloads
By creating a system where people can bid to accelerate downloads you'll be able to choose to get things more quickly than you otherwise would. This leads to another great point, more seeds.

Currently there is no incentives for users to seed files for longer period of time. By adding tokens, so that you'll effectively earn from seeding. And create incentives for users not only to seed longer but dedicate their accounts for storing it.

Not Mineable
Doesn't need proof of work so there's no need for mining. it is running through optional extension that is being perfected by the BitTorrent team.


Let's check BitTorrent's basic graph analysis on the current market today from this Bull-Run Period.

Checking coinmarketcap at this moment, surprised to see all red figures today but just a few percentage drops so not to worry about, I was able to see BitTorrent already gaining momentum just like the other tokens listed in the Top 50.


Proudly sitting at the Top #34, BitTorrent has a market cap of $284.8 Million and being traded into different exchangers for the past 24 hours amounting to $333 Million. Probably the huge sell because of the 32.88% 24-hour gain from yesterday. Let's check Bittrex for this to analyze the SELL rate:



At the time of writing, just as I expected that there would an enormous amount of sell in the BTT tokens. The pairing that I used is with BTC and not USD since it is used by most exchangers.

Who would not SELL their coins if the surge is 32.88% right? But still, the market cap of BTT should be taken into consideration. If I used my $1,000 to buy BTT then it means the $1,000 will be added to the market cap. Though at this point, it's gonna be a suicide for me to do that. But to support the program. It can add value to the BTT Token.

Let's check its movement from the time of conception.


It started to be introduced in the market last March 11, 2019. Definitely a new comer in the crypto-world but topped the thousands of coins wanting to be visible in the Top 50 rankings. It initially had a funding of $128 Million and eventually it started growing at this point. I guess this is the essence of a coin being introduced during the bear market, all it needs to do is just climb up the ladder! It's just my own perception so please do not compare our other favorite programs. It didn't even have a major dip but just constantly running with a very minimal resistance until its full potential was finally unleashed last April 1, 2019 - April fools. Just like the Phoenix I guess! Hahaha well most cryptocurrencies at the moment are now making us all glad.

The price now? Why not buy if during the 32% surge it's not yet even 1 cent of a dollar.

I would like to let everyone know, that I am not getting paid by anybody from BitTorrent Team to promote this surprising program. It just came out on my sight to see BTT rising where everyone's having a slight dip probably having the resistance on this Bull-Run period.

I would also like everyone who support BitTorrent, its Develpment and Marketing Team to consider creating an account on publish0x to share their announcements for more visibility to all crypto-minded people as well as your fellow developers from other programs.

If we are going to BUY BitTorrent (BTT) now, here is the Real-Time value provided by the CoinGecko widget:

The values being shared are both in USD and BTC respectively. Included BTC here because this is a great pairing and can be easily found on your preferred exchangers.

I am honored to be the first one to share it here on Publish0x with full details and even discuss the simple graph analysis generated by their stats.

For more information about BitTorrent social media platform, here are their official accounts:

Twitter | Medium | FaceBook | Telegram | Discord

We really want you to consider adding the Publish0x Icon on your website for your latest announcements along with these social media platforms


To everyone who have the same brilliant minds who wish to share their ideas here on publish0x platform for blogging, please follow me and sign up using my link:

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor and this is just sharing significant information for you to know about this cryptocurrency as I have frequently seen it on the top 50 in the coin-lisitings. If you were able to gain lots from selling this coin today, then please share your triumphant experience. The sell should only consist of at least 75% from the total holdings that we have so if it would surge a whole lot more then we'll not get frustrated about it. Or as a support to a chosen platform where the use-case is amazing, then just selling 50% of our actual BTT holdings will be fine.

Thank you so much for dropping by and see you on my next post.

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