Spectrecoin (XSPEC) - Knowing Its Basics

Spectrecoin (XSPEC) - Knowing Its Basics

A very effective way of supporting the platform where we are rewarded from our efforts is to also try the programs promoted here in Publish0x. When I started here in this site, one of the promoted posts which garnered a lot of tips is an amazing write up about Spectrecoin. Yes, I have acknowledged the post. The mere fact that Publish0x doesn't have any ads that pops up or being displayed from left and right of the page should be a question for us to deeply dig the answers. This is the message I want to send across to the platform members to acknowledge the marvelous write-ups of the authors here. Some authros are the developers themselves too. I have also got confused this program with Spectro Coin in which I also have joined a year ago but to cut the story short, Spectrecoin is way different from that one.

First things first. I checked Spectrecoin (XSPEC) in coinmarketcap listing and it's here:


Screenshot taken from coinmarketcap.com

Then checked the charts and analyzed the figure if this will somehow get some edge amongst other digital-assets.


Screenshot taken from coinmarketcap.com

Seen at the end of the graph that it has an upward parabolic curve. So, ok! Let's continue 'coz this looks promising. If we scroll down a little bit more, at the left side we'll be able to see that Spectrecoin's ROI (Return Of Investment) is already 3,700%. The highest I have seen so far in coinmarketcap.com.

I have checked all the posts about Spectrecoin by typing it on the search button here on publish0x and remembered these posts on the newly posted write-ups before. I am constantly checking new posts and support other members. I always believe that learning is unending process so I always see to it that I always learn something new. I do post here constantly and grateful that members here also do the same with my mediocre shares.


Mostly shared by SpectreCat: https://www.publish0x.com/@SpectreCat

Hello there Kitty cutie!

Currently being exchanged in LiveCoin. I was one of the early traders on this exchange platform and still remembered it is being promoted on top of the page.


Two-day interval view, look at the dips and the pumps! Can this be also good in Day-Trade? I definitely think so. But, we'll dig deeper on its usability.

Few things we have to keep in mind: The Stealth Staking and its "Mooning" potential.

A new version will be released that would work for V3.0 which by correcting the Block Reward Size, it will then decrease the inflation. I have known that this really affects the volume as well with Bitcoin as it also having some issues on the mempool size in reference with TX per second & Bytes per second. 

This program will also introduce dual coin system meant for swapping where you can choose whether you want to stake privately or publicly. Though the block rewards will be higher in Version 3.0 using the private staking should be taken much into consideration.

Privacy is what most traders aim for. Here, an exchange platform without KYC is already existing. Amsterdex has already implemented trading with private Spectrecoin. 

Spectrecoin's development funding is intertwined with the coin price. It will drastically increase after the block rewards are processed in Version 3.0.

The Development Team is constatnly trying to improve the wallet, blockchain code and pipeline building during the entire bear markets wherein there is zero-funding. 

Considerably a MicroCapital Digital asset, a surge of 10-25x in capitalization can increase suddenly. Even though a limited exchange option during December 2017, it blasted up to 26x along with the major cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, it went along with the rest of the coins plunging deep afterwards. The Top-notch and fresh developers will definitely bring life and greatness to this coin. 

For more info: Please see this Publish0x Post Spectrecoin – Moon Potential? Rando's Report on XSPEC - March 2019

Cryptopia, the previous XSPEC trading volume leader, has been locked up and inaccessible for months due to their recent hack. Quite devastated with this news before as I do hold some certain amounts of Universal Currency (UNIT) and Loyal Coin (LYL) there and wasn't able to get informed either. Though Lite Coin holders there got the benefit of the pump, it is still uncertain when will this exchanger get back LIVE. Therefore it is most unlikely there is no certainty when they'll resume trading Spectrecoin (XSPEC).

For now, let's give Livecoin a round of applause for the continued process exchanging Spectrecoin (XSPEC).

Spectrecoin is using Proof of Stake (PoAS)

What makes XSPEC different from Monero and Z-Cash wherein they are all privacy coins as well?

Two significant things to consider are the ability for stealth staking and the fully integrated Tor+OBFS4 layer which will excite users the most. Other things like ring signatures and stealth addresses are of course very nice safety features, but this is nothing new (e.g. Monero and Zcash both use ring sigs, Monero also uses stealth addresses).

So Spectre uses proof of stake as a method of consensus, which is a much more energy-friendly method to do verifications on the blockchain. Individuals don't mine, they stake based on the amount of XSPEC in their wallet which in turn decides the likelihood of receiving the block reward. Monero is an amazing coin and valued so highly for a reason, but the fact that it uses proof of work is still quite problematic as it simply wastes tons of energy.

Please see this Steemit Blogpost created for Spectrecoin for more info and the source of these two paragraphs.

Spectrecoin $XSPEC Review

Lastly, we'll check the Spectrecoin website itself: https://spectreproject.io/

The main goal of Spectrecoin is to provide digital cash from a combined blockchain with a tokenized ring-signature scheme. This is now being proliferated by this program which was initially used by ShadowCash. Now being improved by Spectrecoin developers, all nodes communicate exclusively within the TOR network via hidden services for network-level privacy.

Here is a first glance of the site: Image source is seen on the web address at the upper left corner.


Here is a complete walkthrough if you wanted to create your Spectrecoin (XSPEC) wallet. This is the first step to do if you want to proceed with the program's Stealth Staking. Check the link here: https://spectreproject.io/getstarted.html

Best of luck to this amazing program. After all, it is all about privacy in doing our trades. Why not try this best option for that matter.

Again, this is @fycee giving way to the best programs being promoted in this platform where we get rewards from the awesome contents that we share.

Check out my previous posts here: https://www.publish0x.com/@fycee

See you on my next blog!

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