Weeks 18, 19 and 20 - MEGAUPDATE

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 2 Jan 2022

Oh man do I have a lot to talk about this time. ExpressCrypto exit scam? Rollercoin season 3! Betfury New Year celebration, Biswap experiments, and more... like me selling all my ETH. 

Let's start with the usual:
These are the week 18 update with the stats from 15-12-2021,
week 19 update with the stats from 22-12-2021, and
and week 20 is... complicated, I'll talk about that later on in this post.

You can find previous weeks here:
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Week 18 crypto earnings:
Crypto in USD: ~$25.70


Week 18 non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $3.642
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.081
  • Challenge.gives: $1.4014
  • Earnapp: $0.76
Non-crypto = ~$5.88


Week 18 total earnings: ~$31.58


Here's the CMC for the week 18 crypto (doesn't include EXS, EXG, TXT or DUTCHY)


As well as the portfolio allocation

I'll leave all the other stuff to the bottom of this so I'll just jump right into week 19 stats now.

Week 19 crypto earnings:
Crypto in USD: ~$25.00


Week 19 non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $3.894
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.053
  • Challenge.gives: $1.4074
  • Earnapp: $1.59
  • Serpclix: $0.25
Non-crypto = ~$7.19


Week 19 total earnings: ~32.19


CMC for the week 19 crypto (doesn't include EXS, EXG, TXT or DUTCHY)


As well as the portfolio allocation

Now to the tough part... the mess of week 20.

I think at this point would be smart to explain what's going on.

Firstly, ExpressCrypto scam?

TLDR version: EC is unavailable, I might've lost $120, had to rethink the earning strategy for the journey.

Long version: ExpressCrypto is down since 24-12-2021. Some people speculate it's an exit scam and they ran with the money, while some people believe it's simply a maintenance-gone-wrong as the EC team claims. I don't know, I simply don't have enough info to make an informed decision here. However, what I can say is, we live in a time of scams and I'm sure everyone in the crypto space has fallen a victim at least once before, and many are quick to come to that conclusion every time something doesn't work as they had imagined. Hell, even I've been claimed to be a scammer because a web host's server had malfunctioned and shut down my site for a day while I didn't pay close attention. Another thing is, people expect things to be instant. Fixing thousands of GBs of corrupted data in a day is not possible, especially during the holidays when everyone's having time off. Not every error is a scam, but on the other hand, I do understand the betrayal and upset many people are feeling because EC didn't handle this situation well at all (information is the key to trust!). From EC's perspective, maybe they were doing routine maintenance that wasn't intended to last long, but the hardware indeed failed and so there was no prior notice to this maintenance in particular. What leads me to believe this is the timing; it seems likely they weren't expecting the majority of people to be using their site on the 24th because of the celebrations, so they timed their maintenance to affect as small amount of members as possible. 

Obviously, I do hope that everything's okay and everyone's funds are safe, but only time will tell. I feel particularly awful for the people who kept the majority of their funds in EC, and are now left stranded (possibly out thousands of $) without a word. Sadly, EC doesn't have socials (other than their practically dead twitter acc) I could go to and find out more at the moment + they're notoriously bad at communicating with their members. After scavenging through hundreds of chat messages from faucet websites I use, I have found decently good info from one of the EC mods telling that the head mod of EC has said they expect the maintenance to be done within the first week of this January. Whether this is true or not, it's hard to say. From knowing my deposit address for TRX, I've found out that at least their hot wallet (which I've sent TRX to before) is still perfectly intact, and if they had intended to run with it, any smart person would've already moved the funds out of that particular wallet. 

Now that I've explained as much as I personally know, we can move on to the important part of all that for this post. IF the case is EC has turned into a scam, I've lost basically almost all dash, litecoin, tezos, cardano, komodo, tron, reddcoin, and their own coins ex-gold and ex-silver I was holding. For me, this would mean I'm out $120 with the current course but damn does it hurt after putting so much effort into gathering it from faucets. Not only that, but many of the sites I use rely on EC for payments so I'd also be out of many methods to increase my total for some time until they either adapt and give another wallet to use (probably Faucetpay or Coinbase), or shut down completely. IF EC hasn't gone and vanished, we'll just have to wait around until I get access to those funds again and can record the amounts accurately. Because the situation still isn't resolved, I could get upset and rage over it, or I could just move on and put my energy into something else in the meantime. If I get my $120 back, that'd be great, if I can't, I'll find a way to make up for it. Some of the coins I had there I was thinking of selling anyway lately, but losing 1200 TRX and 0.11 LTC really stings. 

In the light of this, I'll need to focus on other sources and count the crypto totals as if I never even had them to begin with. A bit of a setback not gonna lie, and I feel bad if anyone else has jumped on the EC train because of following me here. My intention has never been to shill for any projects in hopes of referral rewards, so I apologize if you've also found yourself sucked into this with your crypto and are feeling betrayed now. Also, because of the whole EC shenanigans, I've had to spend the past week rethinking the methods of making this journey happen.

The second order of business, Rollercoin season 3!

Oh, I was so hyped about this as soon as I heard the news about the new season. It's been on for 10ish days now (out of 60) and it's still a good chance to get started if you haven't. Also, a positive note would be the fact that it's already much cheaper than last season, even without getting levels on it by playing. Starting prices below. 1 level is a 10 RLT ($10) decrease in price, and there are a total of 30 levels one can get. I think I'm going to do the same as with last season; lower the price as much as possible and buy the pass in the last few days. Something I don't like so much about this season is the daily quests, I definitely prefer the weekly quests because now I've missed doing a majority of the dailies just because I didn't have the time or willpower for it. Weekly quests were much more flexible with the time which suited me personally much better.


My Rollercoin tactic is to withdraw from the game every 10k satoshis as that's the minimum + BTC has no fees to withdraw. I use this to replenish the Nexo account where I pulled the BTC from in the first place. 

Thirdly, I sold all ETH I had, well, almost all.

Was it a good choice? Who knows. Lately, due to playing Crazy Defense Heroes, I've been using my Metamask actively daily and got curious about what more I could do with it. I know ETH 2.0 is coming, but the ETH I have is so minimal there's no point moving it around more than once due to fees, nor does waiting for the 2.0 fit into the schedule of this journey. Due to this, I ended up selling it for BNB, which I then sent a part of to Metamask to work with, and left the rest to Binance for interest gain. I'm not really familiar with smart contracts, farms, and liquidity pools, so it's been a lot of fun to explore my options, and I ended up landing on Biswap. I was debating between Biswap and PancakeSwap, but chose the former for now because of the better APY and the value of BSW being more stable in comparison. Also, I've made a few small swaps for the BNB-BFG pair and got some BSW as a fee return so it awakened my curiosity. I think I could make this to be a mini-journey, updating once every week alongside the usual journey update because why not. 

Here's the beginning from 30-12-2021, auto compounding happens every 5 minutes which is really effective. Perhaps at some point I'll expand on the BSW but this is enough for me for now, kinda like a test run. 


Crypto Idle Miner update: I moved from Diamond league, div. 39 to div. 35 to div. 33 to now current div. 32. I don't really have much to say about this, I still play the game and manage to get a few div. jumps each week. 

A lot of big big changes, but there are a few smaller ones I'd like to mention as well.

  • Final Autoclaim redesign last month. A bit sleeker, easier to navigate UI. January's coin of the month is BTC btw, and they've already taken out the EC withdrawal option for the time being.
  • Cointiply added quests to their system. I'm loving this feature because you can get extra 100 coins here and there so easily for doing things you'd do anyway (like use the PTC section, earn coins or use the faucet x days in a row).
  • Betfury Christmas & New Year celebrations. With festivities come limited BFG boxes, which I got as soon as I noticed them. The cost of 1 was 500 BFG, and the payoff's 650 BFG after 30 days. Not a bad trade-off and this means I'll be getting 300 extra BFG whenever they finish.26212464e38a60e7ee15c3373098282d9fbfeb5cf54a2f29f8889778101d2921.png

Week 20 crypto earnings:
Crypto in USD: ~$18.72


Crypto breakdown:

As I explained before, ExpressCrypto is in shambles, so I updated the "week's start" to correspond to the amount I have without EC, and will be continuing like this for the unforeseeable future. I was able to cut down from 24 currencies to 17 because of that, and I wouldn't say it's a bad thing by any means. As explained in more detail a bit above, I sold my ETH for BNB this week. I also had to spend most of my balances on Betfury to unlock the celebration boxes so USDT, TRX and BFG are way down this week (it'll pay off soon though so no worries about that). Something I didn't mention before is my FEY stake paid me an extra 13~ FEY last week. Currently, I'm still mining BTC on my PC and I have no intentions to change that unless the price swifts a lot. I think I'll sell my SHIB for something else but I haven't decided which one to go for yet (it's not much SHIB anyway, but hey it's still something)


Week 20 non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $5.088
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.053
  • Challenge.gives: $2.0063
  • Earnapp: $1.50
  • Serpclix: $0.25
Non-crypto = ~$8.89


Week 20 total earnings: ~$27.61


CMC for the week 20 crypto (doesn't include TXT or DUTCHY)


As well as the portfolio allocation


The allocation speaks for itself. I never really thought of myself as a BTC maniac, but I can't deny the numbers. I've always been more passionate about lower cap coins like LTC and TRX or even borderline unknown coins like SPACE or FUN, and only relied on BTC as the background magic maker of the portfolio. I don't like >90% share though, I'll try to lower that a bit in the coming months. I've reached 11% of my long-term BTC goal though! I'll be using Faucetpay for microtransactions, and focus on building up the Final Autoclaim until I find better solutions to go with. Seeing that I'm only 27~ SPACE away from my goal, I'm very happy. This is something I can definitely finish before January ends.


The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Earn 0.00040000 BTC
  • Reach 75 SPACE total
  • Reach 900 000 DUTCHY total


The long-term goals I have:
  • Reach 0.20 BTC (for $1.25 daily staking reward)
  • Reach 100 SPACE (for 100% APY)
  • Reach 100 mil DUTCHY (for 25% APY)
  • Reach 2500 FUN (for some extra rewards on Freebitco.in)
  • Reach 1500 BFG (for $0.10 daily reward)
  • Reach 4600 RDD (for 2 RDD daily reward) - ON HOLD FOR NOW
  • Reach 5215 TRX (for 1 TRX daily reward) - ON HOLD FOR NOW


Progress to 10 000$:


15% reached


With $30 a week, reaching $10k from here would take:
283 weeks or 5 years and 23 weeks

Some time ago I made a post listing all the current websites I use. (The post has been updated to reflect the current situation.) If you're curious, you can check them out HERE! 

I know this is a lot late but celebrating Christmas, New Year, and so on is part of my culture. Before that, I had a massive workload to manage so it pushed this much more than I'd like to. Apologies for the wait, and thank you so much for reading this far ^^

Happy and prosperous year to everyone, and I'll be seeing you in the next week's post!

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