Road to 10k$ - Week 2 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 30 Aug 2021

Recently, I decided that I'd get to 10 000$ in 24 months from online sources only. While I made my decision early this month, I only wrote down the 'starting' point on 11-08-2021. My main focus is on crypto since it's easier to get, but I won't turn down a good non-crypto chance if I see one. This is the week 2 update with the stats from 25-08-2021.

My earning plan: 
  • Faucets
  • Staking/saving interest
  • PTC
  • Mining (with my own PC & with cloud mining)
  • Sharing unused data
  • Games
  • Mobile apps
    ...and whatever else I find along the way. 
This week's crypto earnings:

Week 2

Crypto in USD: ~$35.89


This past week LTC and FUN were my 2 main focuses, and now I plan to switch from 'mining' FUN to TRX, mainly because getting this FUN took me almost a whole month to cash out, while TRX can be cashed out at least 1-2 times a day. 


This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • $3.69
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.05
  • IProyal pawns: $1.43
  • Honeygain: $0.24
Non-crypto = $5.41


Week 2 total earnings: ~$41.30


Not bad! A slight increase over last week's stats which is a nudge towards the right direction. Besides the switch from FUN to TRX, another change worth noting is, I started playing games on mobile that pay. You can read the post I wrote about that here: LINK. In next week's update, I'll add the mobile games' earnings to the stats so I'm hoping to see a small increase, particularly in BTC.


Thanks for reading! If you're interested in seeing how this ends, I'd be more than happy to have you on board. Till the next one!

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A newbie in the crypto world from Europe with a twisted sense of humor.

Dimes, Dollars & Dreams
Dimes, Dollars & Dreams

My journey to 10 000$ from online sources with little to start with.

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