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By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 9 Dec 2021

I believe the time for this has finally come. Ever since the beginning of my 10k journey, I've been thinking of making this post, but I was really putting it off until now. A few kind readers reminded me about it again, so I finally sat down and spent some time making this post. The list is long but I'll try to keep the descriptions very short, so please bear with me. 

Things to note before continuing from here:

  • The links I provide are mostly referral links, so if you are interested in trying any of them out, I'd be grateful to have you join with my link (some of them may give you a sign-up bonus, some don't.)
  • I don't know the exact earnings I have from each site, especially from the faucets. Some faucet sites have an option to withdraw multiple currencies so it's kinda difficult to keep track of it all individually since I use microwallets to gather everything together.
  • The sites aren't in any particular order, #1 doesn't mean it's my first/best source, I just write the sites down as they pop in my head.
  • I don't fanatically use every single one of the sites for a certain amount/time or in any specified order. Some days I use some sites more than others, some days I just log in to keep my bonus streak going. 


Where do I store my crypto?

1. Faucetpay - LINK

Microwallet with FEY staking option, I log in here every day to get the daily login points which I hope will amount to something someday.

2. Binance - LINK

Probably one of the better-known wallets/exchanges, there are so many features you'd probably need to explore it yourself. I don't use this that much tbh, but I have some coins there.

3. Coinbase - LINK (Promo: If you buy or sell more than $100, you get $10 in BTC as a bonus)

My first wallet, the wallet/exchange I use the least now for sure. Quite simple to use, but since I don't really buy crypto at this point, I'm not sure if Coinbase or Binance (or some other site) has better purchase fees. Also offers a Learn & Earn program. 

4. Metamask - LINK

A really handy extension for smart contracts, namely BSC and Polygon chains in my case. Sadly, I've heard their mobile app is not so good, but I only use this on PC to begin with.  

5. Stakecube - LINK

Another microwallet kinda service. Has no deposit fees and most coins have no withdrawal fees either. Established in 2018, and has its own coin SCC.


Where do I earn interest for my coins?

1. Nexo - LINK (They got a promo currently: If you pass advanced verification, top up $100 and keep it on your account for 30 days, you'll receive $25 worth of BTC at the end of the month)

With multiple options for earning interest: locked, flexible, receiving the interest in kind or as NEXO tokens, it's probably my favorite place to stake currently. Up to 12% APY depending on the loyalty level (=% of the portfolio that's in NEXO tokens), 4 levels, and below are the earning rates:


2. Freebitco - LINK

For the base rate of 4.08% APY, it's possible to stake BTC here, as well as lock FUN for up to 25% APY. 

3. Final Autoclaim - LINK

Offers the options to stake DUTCHY for SPACE (30% APY), SPACE for SPACE (on-chain 60% APY and off-chain 30% APY) as well as SPACE for SHIB, WAVES, and some others.

4. Betfury - LINK

While not mainly a staking service, it offers an option to stake BFG and receive fractions of BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX & USDT.

5. Trustdice - LINK

Another site that doesn't really get around as staking service, nor is it one. I included it in this section because it's possible to stake TXT to earn fractions of EOS, BTC, ETH & USDT.

6. Biswap - LINK

I use this for exchanging coins through Metamask, and for staking BSW with a nice 50%+ APY with the auto compound feature.

The other site where I earn interest that has been already mentioned is Binance (for DOGE 1% APY, USDT 10% APY and BNB ~6% APY).


Crypto games I currently play

1. Rollercoin - LINK
A site where you can play mini-games to get power or purchase virtual miners to earn RLT, BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, MATIC & SOL. 

2. Free litecoin - LINK

I'm not sure if I should classify this as a game or a faucet, but it's a mobile app where you can spin twice every 60 minutes and claim the bigger amount. 

3. Crypto Idle Miner - LINK

You expand your virtual mining system, and you get rewarded with HORA tokens based on your league and position on leaderboards. They have plans to launch 2.0 version, which would increase the P2E aspect of the game, introduce NFTs and redesign. Not released yet.

4. Crazy Defense Heroes - LINK

I love tower defense games + getting paid with $TOWER is a nice addition. I've received 1600 $TOWERs from them before straight to my Metamask account, so I'll vouch for their legitimacy for now

5. Pipeflare - LINK

I'm not really sure whether this belongs to the games or faucets category, but here it is now. Currently has 6 games with weekly prizes + 1FLR in-game drops. The plan for 2022-2023 is to have up to 30 games, and for individual game devs to add their games with 1FLR drops on Pipeflare. Really fun, really easy, and has ZEC, MATIC & 1FLR faucets to go with. 


Which mining programs do I use?

1. Nicehash - LINK

This is where I earn BTC with my RTX 2080 GPU. 

2. Unmineable - LINK (get 0.25% off of mining fees by using the referral code, if the link doesn't give you smaller fees, use the code e7l0-s33t)

I'd say my favorite mining program for other coins, which I mostly use for LTC mining. 

3. Ecos - LINK

A legitimate cloud mining program. I know most cloud mining programs are sus or plain scams, but this one I've actually been a member of since January of 2021 + I've cashed out before. Some months ago they expanded and added some saving options, investment portfolios, and a few other features on their mobile app (which I haven't tried out yet).

4. Cryptotab - LINK

A Chromium-based browser with a build-in mining option for CPU. I only use this feature with around 30-40% usage of my CPU. 

5. Folding@Home for Banano - LINK

A "mining" program of sorts. You contribute to medical research by lending your computing power, and get compensated to your BAN address. Look up guides if you're uncertain how this works. 


Non-crypto sites I use:

1. Beermoneyforum - LINK

A forum where you can earn points for creating threads, responding, logging in, surveys, and more. I'm not very active here, other than just logging in once a day to collect my points.

2. Arc - LINK (To sign up, you're required to send them a message to get a code, I don't know how long the response takes since I joined the site before this was their policy)

A CDN that can be implemented on websites/blogs to speed up one's site & earn without displaying ads. 

3. Earnapp - LINK

The same kind of program as Honeygain, Packetstream, etc, except it's quite new and with better rates. In the US, it's $0.50/GB, in select countries $0.25/GB, and in the rest of the world $0.10/GB. I was suspicious of them, but after a few days of waiting, I was paid by them straight to my Paypal.

4. Ai.Marketing - LINK

At its core, an AI-powered marketing system. This program is really great but has had a lot of issues for the past few months. I've mentioned this site before a few times and I'm still waiting for things to get fixed before really guiding on how to use this site.

5. Juicyfields - LINK

A genuine cannabis crowdgrowing project, which I've received payment from before. The minimum investment starts from 50€, and the growing period for a plant is 108 days.


Which bitcoin sites do I use?

These are dedicated BTC sites, a bit below will be a list of multicoin faucets which may have BTC as a claiming option as well.

1. Grab.tc - LINK

A very simple BTC faucet that can be claimed every 60 minutes. Also, offers PTC, shortlinks, offers, and more. 

2. Freebitco - LINK

I mentioned this one before, but the most basic faucet, you can claim once every 60 minutes. 

3. Adbtc.top - LINK

A PTC site that pays quite well, even up to 20 BTC satoshis per view (more often around 2-3 satoshis though).



Auto faucets (=faucets that require 1 captcha/shortlink to start after which they will automatically send you a tiny bit of your chosen crypto every 60 seconds for some hours)

1. Swift4claim - LINK

Currencies available: c60ca610f8542b95d8e6374e413567600af6ee0eb229db73991982c85121e0e4.png Withdrawal only to Faucetpay.


Semi-auto faucets (=faucets that require points, coins, minutes, or tokens to power them. Once you run out, the faucet will stop working until you power it again)

I don't have much to say about these faucets, they all work the same way, and there are probably thousands of the same kind of sites out there. 

1. faucetworld - LINK

2. freebitz - LINK

3. autoclaim - LINK


Manual faucets (= You need to claim every time manually in order to get a reward. Because of this they pay the highest among the faucet category but require the most work; a captcha, shortlink or both for every claim)

1. Faucet.ovh - LINK

SPACE faucet with a minimum reward of 0.05 SPACE per claim, or 0.10 SPACE if you do the shortlink too, 30 claims maximum per day

2. BTCpop - LINK

An altcoin faucet with a lot of currencies to choose from. You can claim once every 30 minutes, and all the claims will be paid to your BTCpop account at the end of the day. Personally, I use this to claim RDD. 


Special faucets (all are faucets I use daily without a fault)

Crypto sites with faucets, but with many other options too (such as viewing ads, shortlinks, lucky wheels, and more). All of them share characteristics but have also many differences so I didn't really know how to categorize them otherwise. Definitely worth checking out, especially FaucetofBob and Cointiply.

1. Coinpayz - LINK

2. Coinpayu - LINK

3. Earnbitmoon - LINK

4. Cointiply - LINK

5. FaucetofBob - LINK

6. Reddheart - LINK

A website dedicated to Reddcoin.


Phew, alright, that should be all for now. I think I didn't miss any but it's very likely I did. Well, either way, I'll come back to this one if things change around a lot and I feel it's no longer accurate to me. 

I tried to keep it short, so I didn't really include long descriptions or plenty of pictures, which in turn made it quite a matter-of-fact kinda post. But, I hope you enjoyed reading this regardless. I'll be writing the weekly update probably tomorrow/the day after, but I think I'll start including a link to this from here on so it's easier to find.

Congrats on making it this far, and a huge thank you for paying attention. I hope you have a good day ahead!


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