Week 3 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 4 Sep 2021

Recently, I decided that I'd get to 10 000$ in 24 months from online sources only. While I made my decision early this month, I only wrote down the 'starting' point on 11-08-2021. My main focus is on crypto since it's easier to get, but I won't turn down a good non-crypto chance if I see one.

This is the week 3 update with the stats from 01-09-2021.

My earning plan: 
  • Faucets
  • Staking/saving interest
  • PTC
  • Mining (with my own PC & with cloud mining)
  • Sharing unused data
  • Games
  • Mobile apps
    ...and whatever else I find along the way. 


This week's crypto earnings:

Week 3

Crypto in USD: ~$27.85


Crypto Breakdown:

Total's down from last week, but it's understandable since I was on a trip and ended up missing 2 days of doing anything on my PC. I stopped 'mining' FUN and switched to TRX since I can get paid basically every day to my ExpressCrypto account. As I figured last week, playing mobile games brought a small increase in BTC + some ETH, but other than that everything's down. Because of the trip, some of my daily login streaks went back to 0 which sucks, so I have to start building those up again. Last week I also forgot to mention I switched in Nexo.io (ref link here, if you top up $100, you receive $10 in BTC) from receiving NEXO as interest on my BTC to receiving BTC as interest instead. 


This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $3.94
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.017
  • IProyal pawns: $0.99
  • Honeygain: $0.17
  • Ai.Marketing: $5.41
Non-crypto = $10.527


Week 3 total earnings: ~$38.37


The good news is, despite the 2-day trip, the total's looking good. Ai.Marketing finally regained part of the functionality of their site so I can continue earning from it as well, so a nice bump from there. If the site doesn't face any bigger issues, I'm hoping to look at an extra $10-15 a week from here on. I won't get any more CAKE since the faucet where I was collecting it from (Dutchycorp Final Autoclaim, ref link here, you'll receive 200 free claims as a signup gift) voted TRX for this month, which I'm totally fine with. Something I probably forgot to mention before is, I always add TRX & RDD to staking only on the 1st of the month to avoid as many frozen days as possible, so I won't get any rewards for those two for a few days. 

The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Play more Rollercoin - I want to get ahead in the season pass. I haven't bought it, but the free rewards are quite nice too
  • Play more Idle Crypto Miner - I have 872 HORA already but I want to get to the top of the leaderboard to get more tokens
  • Reach 4 KMD, so I can add the 4th one to staking as well (currently I have 3 KMD in staking already)
  • Focus on TRX - I want to reach 300 TRX total


Progress to 10 000$:


19% reached

As always, thanks for reading! If you're interested in seeing how this ends, I'd be more than happy to have you on board. See you in the next!

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A newbie in the crypto world from Europe with a twisted sense of humor.

Dimes, Dollars & Dreams
Dimes, Dollars & Dreams

My journey to 10 000$ from online sources with little to start with.

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