Week 6 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 23 Sep 2021

Last month, I decided that I'd get to 10 000$ in 24 months from online sources only. While I made my decision in early August, I only wrote down the 'starting' point on 11-08-2021. My main focus is on crypto since it's easier to get, but I won't turn down a good non-crypto chance if I see one.

This is the week 6 update with the stats from 22-09-2021.
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My earning plan: 
  • Faucets
  • Staking/saving interest
  • PTC
  • Mining (with my own PC & with cloud mining)
  • Sharing unused data
  • Games
  • Mobile apps
    ...and whatever else I find along the way. 


This week's crypto earnings:

week 6 stats

Crypto in USD: ~$19.59


Crypto Breakdown:

I think the most important thing to note is, BTC is on quite a drop compared to last week's rate, now at $44k. This is the time when I'm most excited because that means it's easier to collect BTC right now than it was last week, so I think I'll focus on that for the next few days until the rate bounces back up. In 2 days my FUN savings will give me 8 FUN for doing nothing which is really nice, I'm trying to get to the 2500 FUN just from locking it & gathering the profits. 

This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $3.483
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.035
  • IProyal pawns: $1.20
  • Ai.Marketing: $47.07
Non-crypto = ~$51.78


Week 6 total earnings: ~$71.37


All my last week's crypto goals were reached! I always try to set small goals to reach so I can stay motivated, and so far, I think it's working really well. Non-crypto is doing really great, but I'm almost out of my Ai.Marketing budget so I'll need to top up there soon (don't worry, I'll do it from the existing balance in Ai.Marketing and not from my pocket). Noteworthy news, I stopped using honeygain, because a few cents a week for sharing my bandwidth 24/7 is really not paying off. Maybe I'll try another program instead, we'll see if anything interesting pops up. Another big thing to bring up is... a few months ago, I did some research on mining rigs, and recently it found its way on my mind again. I spent most of today comparing what's out there and frankly, not being situated in the US is making things a lot harder. Not only that, but in where I live now, prices are high as is, so I think I might need to order the parts from Germany since they have everything way cheaper. If I do end up buying it though, I wouldn't include the stats on this weekly update since, in my mind, that'd be cheating.  



The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Continue playing Rollercoin -I've reached level 14, but reaching level 17 this season seems basically impossible at this point (with less than 9 days left). 
  • Get to top 200 divisions in Diamond league on Idle Crypto Miner - Last week, I got to Platinum div. 6, this week I'm in Diamond league, div. 279! With a league bump, also came a nice prize bump for leaderboard position 1 from ~280 HORA to ~725 HORA.
  • Reach 650 TRX total
  • Reach 0.0264 BTC total
  • Reach 500 000 DUTCHY 
  • Reach 0.098 LTC total
  • Pass $75 for the week's total earnings


The long term goals I have:
  • Reach 0.25 BTC (for $1.25 daily staking reward)
  • Reach 1 LTC (because I want to have it, mainly collected from faucets & saving rewards)
  • Reach 4600 RDD (for 2 RDD daily reward)
  • Reach 5215 TRX (for 1 TRX daily reward)
  • Reach 100 SPACE (for 150% APY)
  • Reach 100 mil DUTCHY (for 30% APY)
  • Reach 2500 FUN (for some extra rewards on Freebitco.in)

All goals are counted with today's (23-09-2021) crypto values, which may be adjusted if the cryptos' values change a lot. For now, the bigger picture here is to get to $50 a month from just staking/saving interest without investing more than the 550$ I spent at the beginning of this year. 


Progress to 10 000$:


19% reached (BTC fell again from last week so this is the result)


Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Dimes, Dollars & Dreams
Dimes, Dollars & Dreams

My journey to 10 000$ from online sources with little to start with.

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