Week 13 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 11 Nov 2021

A few surprises hit me this week, and I believe we are moving in the right direction. BTC and ETH both reached all-time highs, and I've added new programs to the list, I made some investments from the existing funds, which I believe will bring a small profit in the upcoming months. 

This is the week 13 update with the stats from 10-11-2021.

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You can find my earning plan from the week 1-7 posts, I don't want to keep copying the same text over and over again.

This week's crypto earnings:

week 13 stats

Crypto in USD: ~$27.22


Crypto Breakdown: 

I'm feeling accomplished this week, I got a lot more done than I had imagined (and all of the last week's goals were met!). Honestly, the TRX amount I was able to collect surprised me by far, but many others are steadily increasing little by little as well. I have a few new DOGE websites I'm currently testing since they seemed to be paying quite nicely, but even after looking around a bit, I don't have definite proof of their legitimacy yet (which is also why I'd rather not disclose the names until I'm personally certain they're legit). I've been pretty neutral about DOGE up until this point + I still haven't found a good place to stake it, but I feel quite excited about collecting currently. Although, I still regret purchasing it before I started writing this journey but I really enjoy gathering it apparently. If the sites I'm trying come through, I'll definitely need to look for a place to put it all to get some decent interest. The last news for this week is, the free BFG box is available to everyone again (with 0.125 BFG every 20 minutes), so I'll be claiming that as much as I can in case they lock it up.


This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $4.295
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.035
  • IProyal pawns: $0.71
  • SerpClix:  $0.05
  • Usercrowd: $0.80
  • Challenge.gives: $0.8896
Non-crypto = ~$6.77


Week 13 total earnings: ~$33.99


Besides the DOGE test websites, I made some changes on the non-crypto side as well. I added Usercrowd to my pool of test websites, and it turned out I only spent maybe 5 minutes total during the whole week to earn that $0.80 which makes me suspicious of the site tbh. Another big change is Challenge.gives. I've previously used and cashed out from the site so I know it's legit already, but after a small break, I wanted to return to the site and see how it is now. Also... I decided to follow through with that investment of a few hundred. A project I've heard of ever since I joined Beermoneyforum, JuicyFields is the investment I'm going with now. I've been really curious about it from the moment I learned about it, and in February 2022 we'll see if it's legit. That's where the -250$ comes from in the total. 

Crypto Idle Miner update:  I moved from Diamond league, div. 88 to div. 71... but that's about it. 

Rollercoin update: I'm still certain I'll buy the season pass with all rewards unlocked as the season gets closer to the end. Also, I figured the system out, the price does decrease as you level up! 1 level is worth 40 RLT (=$40) so I'll definitely try to get the price down as much as possible in the upcoming weeks. The current price for me is this:

After making some calculations, with 3 full weeks and then some left I can easily get 3 more levels and cut the cost down by $120!


The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Earn 0.00020000 BTC
  • Earn 0.00150000 LTC
  • Reach 0.5 ADA total
  • Reach 1350 RDD total
  • Reach 1000 TRX total
  • Reach 145 BFG total

(A lot of goals I know, I'm just feeling exceptionally motivated at this moment, but I have a feeling I'll regret this next week...)


The long term goals I have:
  • Reach 0.20 BTC (for $1.35 daily staking reward)
  • Reach 1 LTC (because I want to have it, mainly collected from faucets & saving rewards)
  • Reach 4600 RDD (for 2 RDD daily reward)
  • Reach 5215 TRX (for 1 TRX daily reward)
  • Reach 100 SPACE (for 200% APY)
  • Reach 100 mil DUTCHY (for 25% APY)
  • Reach 2500 FUN (for some extra rewards on Freebitco.in)
  • Reach 1500 BFG (for $0.10 daily reward)

All goals are counted with today's (11-11-2021) crypto values, which may be adjusted if the cryptos' values change a lot. For now, the bigger picture here is to get to $50 a month from just staking/saving interest without investing more from my own pocket than the 550$ I spent at the beginning of this year. 


Progress to 10 000$:


25% reached


I thought it'd be fun to see how many weeks/years it'd take me to reach the 10k with the current pace (rounded to the closest $5), so that's what I'll include from here on as well. 

With $35 a week, reaching $10k would take:
215 weeks or 4 years and 7 weeks

Thanks for reading this far, see you next week!

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Dimes, Dollars & Dreams

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