Week 5 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 16 Sep 2021

Last month, I decided that I'd get to 10 000$ in 24 months from online sources only. While I made my decision in early August, I only wrote down the 'starting' point on 11-08-2021. My main focus is on crypto since it's easier to get, but I won't turn down a good non-crypto chance if I see one.

This is the week 5 update with the stats from 15-09-2021.
You can find previous weeks here:
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My earning plan: 
  • Faucets
  • Staking/saving interest
  • PTC
  • Mining (with my own PC & with cloud mining)
  • Sharing unused data
  • Games
  • Mobile apps
    ...and whatever else I find along the way. 


This week's crypto earnings:

week 5 stats

Crypto in USD: ~$21.96


Crypto Breakdown:

I was less than 2500 satoshis short on my last week's goal, 0.026 BTC ;( I didn't reach 500 TRX either as I had hoped, but on the flip side, TRX is at $0.116! I believe that's a big part of why I couldn't reach my goal this past week. No matter though, the amount is growing slowly but steadily. Besides BTC & TRX, I collected some FEY so I can add to my staking as soon as the next round starts, and played some Free Litecoin on my phone (ref link here), where I got an okay sum for so little work.


This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $5.05
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.042
  • IProyal pawns: $0.82
  • Honeygain: $0.18
  • Ai.Marketing: $37.15
Non-crypto = $43.242


Week 5 total earnings: ~$65.20


This past week went way past $50! Yet again, non-crypto stuff is leading the week. The past few days have been pretty crappy for BTC & any coins relying on BTC's price, but at least we're ending with a somewhat desirable number; $48k. I didn't really fulfill last week's goals on the crypto side, but Rollercoin and Crypto Idle Miner have been in a lot of use.


The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Continue playing Rollercoin - I just got to level 12, trying to get to level 17 before the season ends in ~16 days (which seems unlikely but one can dream).
  • Get to the Diamond league on Idle Crypto Miner - As I said last week, I was #1 in Platinum, div. 149. A few days ago, I moved up to Platinum, div. 6! I wasn't expecting such a huge jump, but the Diamond league is now only a few divisions away.
  • Reach 575 TRX total
  • Get to 25 SPACE
  • Reach 450 000 DUTCHY 
  • Reach 0.095 LTC total


The long term goals I have:
  • Reach 0.25 BTC (for $1.25 daily staking reward)
  • Reach 1 LTC (because I want to have it, mainly collected from faucets & saving rewards)
  • Reach 4600 RDD (for 2 RDD daily reward)
  • Reach 5215 TRX (for 1 TRX daily reward)
  • Reach 100 SPACE (for 150% APY)
  • Reach 100 mil DUTCHY (for 30% APY)
  • Reach 2500 FUN (for some extra rewards on Freebitco.in)

All goals are counted with today's (15-09-2021) crypto values, which may be adjusted if the cryptos' values change a lot. For now, the bigger picture here is to get to $50 a month from just staking/saving interest without investing more than the 550$ I spent at the beginning of this year. 


Progress to 10 000$:


20% reached


Thanks for reading this far, see you in next week's update!

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Dimes, Dollars & Dreams
Dimes, Dollars & Dreams

My journey to 10 000$ from online sources with little to start with.

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