Week 12 Update

By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 5 Nov 2021

New month, new struggles... and a lot to talk about. This past week I moved some crypto around so much so I had to make a list, Betfury has been a challenge, and TRX does most of the heavy lifting.

This is the week 12 update with the stats from 03-11-2021.

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You can find my earning plan from the week 1-7 posts, I don't want to keep copying the same text over and over again.

This week's crypto earnings:

week 12

Crypto in USD: ~$18.30


Crypto Breakdown: 

First off, we got 2 new ones, Solana and Netbox Coin. NBX I get from Netbox browser and SOL from Final autofaucet since it was voted to be the coin of the month. I know SOL has been quite popular lately so it's no wonder, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it. I might just exchange it for some other coin at the end of the month, we'll see then. Both LTC & TRX goals of last week were achieved, and I was able to put some focus on RDD afterwards. Overall, I feel pretty good about that! As for BFG increase, I got quite the story, and after writing it down I realized how long the whole thing is, so I figured it's best left at the bottom of this post, and not in this section. 

Okay, and now we get to the messy part... what I moved around between 28.10. and 03.11. 

  • Moved Nicehash BTC balance to Nexo (with a small fee)
  • Moved Cryptotab BTC balance to Freebitco
  • Withdrew DOGE balance from Final autofaucet to ExpressCrypto
  • Withdrew RDD balance from BTCPop to ExpressCrypto
  • Moved TRX & RDD balances to staking in ExpressCrypto and had frozen days of no rewards with both
    • TRX daily reward grew from 0.11685205 TRX to 0.14157534 TRX
    • RDD daily reward grew from 0.49534247 RDD to 0.57424658 RDD


This week's non-crypto earnings:
  • Arc.io: $3.878
  • BeerMoneyForum: $0.134
  • IProyal pawns: $0.64
  • SerpClix:  $0.15
Non-crypto = ~$4.80


Week 12 total earnings: ~$23.10


Yet another busy week is behind, but I think I did pretty good. In the last 3 days I've been experimenting more than in the last 4 weeks, so I signed up to a few new sites, SerpClix included. I'll need to check if any of them are worth the time and the effort in the upcoming weeks, and write an update about that towards the end of the month. Lately, I've also been thinking of putting a hundred or two of the total earned into investing to gain some short-term profits, however I haven't decided which one I should choose. 

Crypto Idle Miner update: Moved from Diamond league, div. 115 to div. 88! That's a jump I didn't expect at this stage, because the competition is only getting tougher. My long term goal with CIM is to reach the Champion league, highest league of the game, and eventually climb up to the top 25 players in the world.

Rollercoin update: I made a decision to purchase the season 2 pass with the all the rewards without completing quests, but will only do it at the end of the season (within the last 7 days). The reason for this is, I think the amount required gets less and less as you advance in the season pass. I don't know how much of a decrease it is per each level right now, but the goal is to grind through as much as possible before the end and see how much cheaper I can get the season pass for, with all the rewards unlocked. I'm not sure if my theory applies here or not but if anyone has any info regarding this, do let me know! Current price for it for me is this:

The next week's goals I want to set up are:
  • Earn 0.00100000 LTC
  • Earn 1 DOGE
  • Reach 650 000 DUTCHY total
  • Reach 850 TRX total
  • Reach 40 SPACE total


The long term goals I have:
  • Reach 0.20 BTC (for $1.35 daily staking reward)
  • Reach 1 LTC (because I want to have it, mainly collected from faucets & saving rewards)
  • Reach 4600 RDD (for 2 RDD daily reward)
  • Reach 5215 TRX (for 1 TRX daily reward)
  • Reach 100 SPACE (for 200% APY)
  • Reach 100 mil DUTCHY (for 25% APY)
  • Reach 2500 FUN (for some extra rewards on Freebitco.in)
  • Reach 1500 BFG (for $0.10 daily reward)

All goals are counted with today's (05-11-2021) crypto values, which may be adjusted if the cryptos' values change a lot. For now, the bigger picture here is to get to $50 a month from just staking/saving interest without investing more than the 550$ I spent at the beginning of this year. 


Progress to 10 000$:


24% reached

About BFG:
I have a confession to make. My obsession has brought me to the brink of insanity, this Wednesday in particular. I think I need to explain this, to you for following me, and to me to try to justify my own madness.

So, I was strolling in Betfury, due to the free BFG box mostly, when an update hit the site. This made me both upset and hyped at the same time, you see. Firstly, the free BFG box was doubled from 0.125 BFG to 0.25 BFG per claim BUT. It's only available from level 2 onwards, and guess how much you need to wager total in order to reach that level 2? 3000 US dollars. This is when I was ready to give up when I noticed a particular box that piqued my interest. In Betfury, you have an option to purchase limited boxes (usually there are only 5000 boxes available), and you'll receive interest on that, with a 7% monthly rate for 7 days period or a 15% monthly rate for 30 days. But this particular box cost 90 BFG, and had a 100% monthly rate for 30 DAYS?! So, if I purchase that box, I'll have180 BFG at the end of the month. Pretty sweet, and so I set my sights on that. This is when I was holding 32 BFG give or take, before the free BFG faucet finished the free-for-all run.

Now, all this accounted in, because of the box's limited availability, I knew I couldn't get it unless I actually decided to purchase some BFG. I've never dealt with smart contracts before or used Biswap for that matter. I had to try to figure all this out, while not home, on phone, with a pretty strict time limit, and with the pressure of doing something for the first time. I didn't want to buy any other coin to swap it for initially, so I thought of trying to transfer a tiny bit of TRX to the Trust wallet account which I had just created (since I got a nice heap of TRX + it's cheap to transfer around with TRC20 network). This is when I realized, I need BNB to pay for the fees and moved the TRX back to my initial wallet.

I got back home and got access to the PC. Then I thought, maybe I can just buy some BNB in Binance and call it a day. Well... yes and no. There are minimums in place since it's not a microwallet, and I don't really use Binance much either so yet another issue to deal with. I ended up buying 15 euros worth of BNB since that's the lowest you can buy with a card which I chose to go with because I knew it wouldn't take more than a minute or two to process the transaction. Okay, I got a few euros worth of BNB, I send it to MetaMask and swap the BNB for BFG with Biswap. And... I don't see it in my MetaMask wallet. Great. This is the moment I'm about to lose it, I have no clue how any of this works, and the boxes are getting sold out fast, so I'm thinking "I did all this, and don't even get what I came here for. Fantastic, good job me." Then I realize I need to link the BFG token to MetaMask for it to display on the balance, and I can do this just by connecting my MetaMask with Betfury.

And so, we arrive at the beautiful finale, me getting my BFG box for 30 days, with a total profit of 90 BFG waiting for me once the month's over. Also, now I know how smart contracts work a bit better, so that's a plus. I've never felt this useless in the crypto world before, and now I gotta make up for the few euros spent so as to not break the rules of this journey.

Thanks for reading this week's update!

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