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By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 17 Feb 2020

Hey folks, today I will try to provide a complete guide that summarizes everything I have learned during my experience as a user at Publish0x, a content creation platform similar to Medium that allows both writers and readers to earn Ethereum ERC20 tokens.


The biggest reason that encourages me to write is to help other people to start getting familiar with the crypto world, and for this, Publish0x is one of my favorite tools, because is the perfect way to incentivize readers for keep reading my content, with all the advantages that this implies.

I have segmented the guide content into 4 sections: Users (readers), authors (creators), ambassadors (affiliates) and cashout section.

👀 Users

Becoming part of Publish0x is as easy as accessing it from the green tab in the main navigation bar, as you can see in the image below:


When you click on it, a pop-up window opens where you can register directly (Facebook or Twitter) or on the other hand, you can register with your e-mail, needing, in this case, to verify the confirmation message in your e-mail.

Anyone can browse Publish0x website but when you sign up at Publish0x some new features will be enabled:

  • Tip bar: It appears at the end of each article, so every time you read an article you can choose how much to tip to the autor and how much you will keep. 


  • Apply as an author: Being a user is the first step to becoming a verified author. Now you can apply to become a verified author, simply send an email from the "become an author" section.


  • Access to ambassador program: As a user you also have an additional advantage, being an ambassador and earning tokens by promoting Publish0x with your affiliate link.


Congratulations, if you have completed the process you can already earn some ERC20 tokens by reading articles and monitoring your stats from the Dashboard.

In Publish0x there are many types of authors, most of the content is about blockchain and crypto currencies although you can publish content about your favorite subject.

I'll give you my example, as an author I usually write about the crypto ecosystem, but as a reader I like to read all kind of topics, obviously I follow many authors who write about crypto, but I also follow musicians, photographers, political journalists, humorists, artists and many more different profiles, but united by the enthusiasm of writing about their passions and hobbies.

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🖌 Authors

As a Publish0x verified author you can earn ERC20 tokens by writing articles, as other users will be able to send you tips for every article you create. If you want to become an author you must send an e-mail request to the Publish0x support team, you will get a response within a few days.

After your approval you will be able to create several blogs and write independently on each of them, as long as the content is original and not duplicated in the platform. 


Probably your dashboard doesn't have the same options, don't worry, this is because some of the features are activated when you are a verified author. In the image below you can see a full view of my user panel, from which I can see my total earnings, item stats and other options.


If you are already a verified author you can start writing articles, to do this you must access from your dashboard to the section "Write a new post", it will open a new page where you can write your article, save it and publish it later.


As we said before, when you decide to save an article, a draft is created, so when you access your posts you can see it and edit it. Text ediiting is very similar to other CMSs like Wordpress, allowing you to add extra code to your text, offering alternatives to embed code from other websites, for example, if you are a web designer it can be very useful to add your codepen projects or other platforms.


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📣 Ambassadors

Publish0x allows you another chance to earn tokens by promoting your referral link. if you're still not sign up you can do it through my affiliate link.


The Publish0x Ambassador program will make you earn 5% of the tips generated by your referrals, that is if for example a person you have invited reaches $1 in their tip balance you will get $0.05.



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💵 Cashout

The process to withdraw your crypto/tokens from Publish0x is very simple. In "settings" section you can edit your Ethereum ERC20 token wallet. Make sure you do NOT SEND your Publish0x earnings to exchanges or similar. Publish0x recommends using MyEtherWallet or Metamask.


Payments are sent to users every Monday, as long as you have reached $USD 0.5 (at least) you can request your withdrawal.

Publish0x doesn't have its own crypt currency, instead, from time to time Publish0x adds new ERC20 tokens. At https://etherscan.io/tokens you can see a complete list of all existing Ethereum ERC20 tokens, including Publish0x selects tokens from time to time, you can currently earn HYDRO, DAI and BAT.

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Couldn't be better. Since using Publish0x I have gained multiple advantages, there are currently few really honest crypto platforms, and Publish0x has paid all users "religiously" every week, which is simply unusual. The support team also does a great job and is in direct contact with all users, supporting and solving our questions.

On the other hand, the opportunity to increase web traffic at my website, participate in contests, read interesting news, dicover new crypto projects and more... without forgetting, of course, good readings and very good friends, because don't forget, Publish0x is a very powerful social network for all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.


Thanks for taking the time to read the article, I hope you liked it, please feel you free to express your thoughts in the comments ;)

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