Publish0x as Blogging, Marketing and Crowdfunding Tool for Crypto Projects

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 17 Nov 2019

This tutorial focuses on how blockchain and crypto projects can use Publish0x to improve their visibility. There´re currently more than 30 big crypto projects listed on Publish0x, for example CoinGecko, Project Hydro ($ HYDRO), Factom Hub, Loopring ($ LRC), Banano ($ BAN), Spectrecoin ($ SPEC) and many more, here you can see an interesting post where you can delve into them.

To be part of the Publish0x community sign up and submit your presentation to start blogging, once you are accepted you can write your first article and start receiving traffic and tips.



Sometimes choosing a CMS platform to manage a crypto project is hardly, expensive and difficult to maintain, but with Publish0x, crypto teams have a free platform with a minimalist design to publish content on a crypto community. From the point of view of a Publish0x reader, really important thing is to consume good and relevant content, especially related to the crypto world, so it is a great chance to share work stage, information about meetups, hackatons, or simply information about the project.



Forget about multiple sites to make your project visible, on Publish0x you have a space to create an article, publish it and share it by e-mail and on main social networks (Reddit, Twitter and Facebook). All your fans will automatically receive a notification each time your project publish an article on a 25,000 crypto enthusiasts community.



Although Publish0x isn´t exactly crowdfunding, the fact that you can receive tips from any user turned Publish0x into something similar to crowdfunding platform, where your fans can send you ERC20 tokens. Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic platform, so it does not have its own cryptocurrency or token, currently on Publish0x you can receive BAT, DAI, HYDRO and BNTY.

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