How to become a Publish0x Ambassador?

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 19 May 2019

Publish0x allows community users the possibility to earn money in another way, recommended for new users to participate in the platform. Through this program, an incentive is offered, obtaining an additional 5% of the benefits received by the users who invite through their reference link.

How to promote your ambassador link?

In addition to the link of an ambassador to send it to whoever wishes, you also have the possibility to include a unique reference that identifies you as ambassador at the end of the URL of each article, not only yours but also any of the platform.

On the other hand, within the new functions of Publish0x, we can see a new tracking tool that allows you to control the statistics of the impact of the links you have sent, such as the number of clicks you have received. Unique clicks or new records you are receiving.

How to participate in Ambassador Program?

Obviously, it is necessary to be a Publish0x user, if you are not yet part of the community and you want to access the platform but no ambassador has recommended it, you can sign up from our reference link.

Thank you very much and welcome!

NOTE: This is an adapted translation of my post in Spanish "¿Cómo ser embajador de Publish0x?"


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