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A step by step guide to adding Publish0x "website widget" into your website

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 5 Jan 2020

Yesterday we talked about the new Publish0x widget, which we review succinctly, you can see the full article here. As many of you requested more information in this regard, today we will deepen on how to insert it into your website, but remember you have to be a verified author on Publish0x to access.

1) Locate widget

Access the "Ambassador Program" section and then click on the "Website Widgets" tab, in it you will see the following image:



2) Customize

Now you can customize your widget, on the one hand you can choose the number of articles and columns, and on the other hand you can change the background and text colors.


3) Generate script code

Generate script, this code is generated automatically when you add the customization parameters.


4) Copy-paste into your site

Copy and paste on your website code. If you have no knowledge of web design do not worry, mostly CMS (Wordpress, Blogger...) you can do so by adding with standard HTML/Javascript gadget.


I hope you found it useful, thanks for your support

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