9 Types of Publish0x Users (Part I)

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 23 Jun 2019

Hello community, we are many users on the platform and I wanted to write an article about the common characteristics of some users, obviously, without specifying anyone in particular and from a humorous tone ツ

➊ The Reading Lover


User in love with reading good articles, although if your content is not good or even read you, really, almost nobody will read if even you like what you write.

➋ The Publish0x Evangelist


This user will try to convince you that Publish0x is the best place to write cyberspace, and it is possible that I am one of them, be careful.

➌ The Tireless Writer


This user loves to write, can not be happy if at least he has not written a post during the day, he can get very nervous if he does not.

➍ The F* Cheater


The worst user that can exist on the platform, always tries to cheat Publish0x, has many accounts and always votes himself, please go with your lies to another place, this is not your site.

➎ The Marketer


All of this user's articles talk about making money but ... are all places good? It is your task to decide, there are platforms of all kinds, some good and some bad, although for the opinion of the marketer all are the best.

➏ The Lost Tourist


For some strange reason he never returned.

➐ The Troll


Complaining is free, this user will always remind the creator that an article is garbage, but what about his articles?

➑ The Publish0x Enthusiast


This user takes care of his channel, is growing step by step, he likes to tip other articles that he considers interesting, and he also likes to publish articles for other people to enjoy reading them.

➒ The Undecided


He/she has many ideas but does not dare to publish an article yet.


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