Turn your website into an awesome blog with this Publish0x widget!

Turn your website into an awesome blog with this Publish0x widget!

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 4 Jan 2020

BOOOOM !! Publish0x have done it again, this team of crypto enthusiasts non stop working and a year after launching, platform evolution is enormous and we can say that Publish0x is already revolutionizing the crypto blogging industry.

Why? Thanks to a script (widget) Publish0x is now even better, not only a blogging platform to earn ERC20 tokens reading and publishing articles, also a powerful blogging tool for your website that will look totally professional and adapted to your website.

In this example you can see my website www.btcsapiens.com fully adapted to the colors, in this case the black background and the white letters look great, so you can definitely say that my website is a 100% Publish0x-Friendly blog: )

Below you can see my blog after use this Publish0x widget:


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