Publish0x for creators (Part 2) Internal traffic sources

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 14 Jun 2019

In the first part we were talking about some basic guidelines to start using Publish0x, today we will focus on the importance of writing good content, regardless of the topic on which you write, a good article is a good opportunity for new followers to subscribe to your channel , with all the advantages that supposes.

If you want your article to reach a larger target audience you must understand that visits will come from three different sources of traffic; Latest posts, notifications to follower and popular posts


Latest posts is the same relevance for all users. If you upload an article, just at that moment the first one will take possession among the last posts, being surely the moment in which you can obtain more traffic for a short period of time.

Regarding notifications to followers we have to say that it is a key factor of your success, the more followers you have and the better content you think your earnings will increase, since every time you upload an article that some of your followers like, Publish0x will It will immediately notify you that your item has been uploaded and they will have the option to tip you if they liked your item.


Popular posts, as the name suggests, will place you in the top positions of the most popular articles of the Publish0x platform. Without a doubt, it is the best way to get traffic and new followers, but do not forget that creating original and quality content is the only secret for your article to be part of this section.


Finally, I would like to share three useful aspects so you can understand the importance of creating good content, and also new followers; Making new followers will make you try to create better content in your following articles, if you write a good article, your followers will reward you with more tips and tips received will also help new users to get to know you.

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