10 Publish0x advantages compared to other blogging platforms

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 13 Jun 2019

Hello community What do you think are the advantages of using Publish0x according to your experience? There are other different options to blogging, and if you are using Publish0x to monetize content we want to know why. Personally we will share ten features in which Publish0x is above other platforms.

1. Earn ERC20 tokens

Publish0x is considered cryptoagnostic, without own cryptocurrency, cryptos that obtains are ERC20 tokens that are incorporated little by little into the platform. It is an excellent advantage over other options, since in this way we can expand our crypto portfolio.

2. Share crypto content with related groups

In Publish0x we are in love with the crypto world, if you feel identified you will surely find your place.

3. Receive weekly withdrawals

On the Internet, its difficult to find content monetization websites with quick cash withdrawals.

4. Get live statistics of the visits received

Other options also allow you to obtain visits, but with a delay of a few hours, in Publish0x you can see at all times how many people are visiting any of your articles.

5. Fantastic support from Publish0x team

This aspect is not common in other platforms, sincerely I feel very lucky to be able to share content in a project like Publish0x, where all the members of the team try to help you at every moment.

6. Make friends in a crypto growing community

Another aspect that I love about Publish0x is the deal with other users of the platform, like the team, the community is always willing to help you and is willing to read good content.

7. Participate in the ambassador program

In addition to monetizing content you can also recommend Publish0x to other people and get an extra 5% of the profits they earn.

8. Get more visibility on your website

Publish0x can be the perfect showcase for users interested in your blog to visit your website.

9. Have a blog and social network in the same place.

Two in one, you can create content and relate to other users without having to change websites.

10. Learn from your visitors and other creators!

Of course, every day you can learn from comments received by other users, in addition to articles created by other publishers.


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