Who Is The Winner of The Crypto Adoption

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 31 Jan 2022

Crypto is going the mainstream. Everyone expects their crypto-asset will become more valuable and they can use crypto everywhere. It seems such an expectation is more than just a hope.



Visa is the winner of crypto adoption recently. However, people can become winners in the future.


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Who Wins the Crypto Adoption

Early adopters may be the winner of the crypto adoption. They are pioneers who owned crypto as cheaply as possible and they had more amounts of crypto in their wallets. In reality, that is not the case, many early adopters sold their shares early. They either took profits so early or lost control of the account along the way.


Crypto Investors

There are types of investors out there. Some traders take profits in short term and have no desire to hold them. Some institutional investors purchased crypto for their leverage purposes.


The True Winners

The actual winner for crypto adoption is Visa. People purchased crypto not for users to trade, or to spend, but to accumulate and save for later if the market goes viral. Visa makes the purchase of crypto easy and their users are huge. Crypto companies love to partner with Visa and roll out crypto purchasing services.


The Last Winner

I think the last winner is people. If you have cryptos, treat it as a utility that you can use to purchase something unique rather than a method to accumulate wealth. Crypto itself may or may not have value. Only if everyone will use it and trade them into something. It is what crypto made off.


In Conclusion

Winners of the mainstream adoptions will determine in the future. However, despite who will be the winner, everyone can participate and use crypto for their own goods.  

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