How Many Ads Are Too Much - Floki Inu Ads Got Backfire

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 16 Nov 2021

Floki Inu is one of the Dogecoin relatives that recently got attention because Elon Musk announced the name of his new pet Shiba Inu. Doge meme coins are everywhere after the successful run of the Dogecoin and Shiba tokens.


What is Floki Inu

The token was inspired by DogeFather or Elon Musk named his Shiba Inu as Floki and tweeted. It branded itself as a movement rather than a meme coin.


What is the plan of Floki

Floki plans to create awareness of mainstream adoption and they brand themselves aggressively.


4 phases of the roadmap

In the first phase, Floki will set their establishment on each large decentralized exchange or swap platform. They will list on major crypto information listing platforms like Coingecko. They seem will do everything and launch through the BSC blockchain to eventually cross-chain bridge.


In the second phase, they will aggressively market and find partnerships while rewarding holders and releasing NFT products.


In the third phase, they will release Project X (not sure what that means) and have major partnerships with real-world events (what?!).


In the fourth phase, their NFT market will mature and they will giveaway Tesla?! They also plan to have massive donations to dog shelters and/or charities.


Floki stuck at phase 2

There are major drawbacks in London that the local government ban Floki ads on the subway station due to lack of scrutiny on speculative investment assets. Britain is still developing to regulate cryptocurrency and Floki has too aggressively released without consulting local authorities. It will spark more controversy around the project and cryptocurrency itself.


Floki is lots like a scam

Their roadmap is incomplete and their team did not have a vision on the future but put up a FOMO to let many others try to catch the trend. It is more dangerous to copycat Shiba token without any further thoughtful plan.


Future is uncertain

Of course, the future of Floki is uncertain and it may well have a chance to become another Shiba token. But rug pull potential seems very high at this stage.


In conclusion

Floki may be just another rug pull token like Squid Game token. Investors need to invest with caution!

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