The Fundamental Value Is Irrelevant

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 21 Nov 2021

The fundamental value is for the fiat system. The way we think about money has been forced to change. Since the year 2000, our money supply has astronomically increased along with corporations’ valuations. None of the average citizens had been aware of how much money was printed and eventually distributed into corporations yet many continue struggling to live while corporations gained so much of their valuation by printing their stocks. Print money is a common practice among governments and corporations. The question is why does no individual print their own money?


Question about the fundamental value

Financial analysts will ask the question of some valuable and question about fundamental value. It is a screening question that investors try to find answers but it is also a question to prevent others seek alternatives and question why this question actually matters?


No fundamental value is not value

This statement is not true simply fiat system cannot control the crypto market. It is true only because institutional investors have influenced the fiat system and they provide their opinion through fundamental value analysis but they also purchased assets with their own intent.


If someone wants to use it, it will have a value

The same argument can apply to the crypto asset. If someone wants to use such cryptocurrency, it has value. There is no such question about fundamental value but people use it more and more frequently, it will have value.


Meme coins can have value

Meme coins can also have value if people believe in them and want to use them for many other utility reasons. Meme coins are not just meme coins. It empowers people to have similar purchase power like fiat currency and it can have value.


In conclusion

Fundamental value or not, it is no longer a valid question to ask. Rather we should exam on why people think such cryptocurrencies can help them to achieve their future.

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