Shiba Hits 1 Million Users (Army) Milestone: What is Next?

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 26 Nov 2021

Shiba token has hit a 1 million users milestone. It is a phenomenon marketing strategy to try to replace Dogecoin from their initial release. What can Shiba do from here?


Recent social media harassment 

Dogecoin founder Bill Markus complained about the Shiba community that constantly harassed his Twitter account and screamed at him all the time. However, he found it unbreakable and tried to calm the Twitter community on the Shiba hype.


Shiba’s marketing strategy

By downvoting Dogecoin, Shiba brings the crypto community’s attention to a rivalry relationship between Dogecoin. Unlike Dogecoin, which only focuses on its own memes culture within the community, Shiba memes Dogecoin and makes a meme enemy to Dogecoin.


Dog fight intensifies

Shiba wants to compete with Dogecoin but in an unfair way. Dogecoin is considering the first successful meme coin with its blockchain infrastructure. Shiba is a layer two token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. However, social media seems cannot decide which one is better. Even Elon Musk was making fun of both meme coins and would not decide which one was better until he fully upvoted Dogecoin implicitly.


Shiba got dumped

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin dumped Shiba in earlier 2021 and donated his funds to India and help fight COVID. The community was shocked at first but took it as a charity even as their rebranding effort. They also set up the Vitalik Buterin Burn account to shift attention from investors’ sold of the news to a safekeeping view.


Shiba creates an eco-system

Shiba continues expanding its possibility to reach many recent crypto products, including Swap, Defi, NFTs, and many other potential upcoming projects.


Shiba supports donations

Shiba also supports Shiba arts and Shiba animal rescue, similar to what Doge did in the past.


What is the future of Shiba

The question is, what if Shiba breaks apart from Dogecoin and becomes their tokencomic, will Shiba continues their success story and build their own story? That is what we want to see in their subsequent development.


In conclusion

Shiba and Doge are similar to meme cryptocurrencies. However, what we want to see is how they can continue developing apart from each other.

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