Bridging Between Web2 to Web3 Through NFTs

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 28 Jan 2022

Recently, Google's search trend of NFT continues to rise. With a trend like this, technology companies are planning to enter the NFT market too.



The technology uses NFTs as a bridge to enter into Web3. NFTs can bring their communities along with technology to integrate into the brand.


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Google Enters Digital Assets

Google starts to put up a team to focus on digital assets building. Google wants to host blockchain clout and provide services to blockchain companies. They want to become a one-stop shop for hosting remote procedure call (RPC) nodes for developers and allowing users to deploy blockchain validators through Google Cloud via a single click. Integrating Web3 elements such as wallets and other blockchain features will also be possible through such cloud services. It may layout the infrastructure of blockchain to deploy through Google and make user-friendly digital products in the future.


Apple Announced to Enter Metaverse

Apple will expand its augmented reality business specifically to prepare for its Metaverse opportunity. Apple VR headset will be released to compete with Facebook and Microsoft. Likely Apple has been studying blockchain technology for some time and is likely to be ready to enter Metaverse sooner or later.


NFT Is A Scam

People who FOMO into NFTs are likely to be scammed. People then claimed NFTs are all scams because there is no value attached to them similar to cryptocurrencies. So aren't NFTs a scam? It depends. NFTs are vehicles to build a community, a key-driven factor to support the valuations. The arts behind NFTs are just a small factor of the technology. Marketing of such NFTs and building a good community is another significant factor of such NFTs. Artists opposed NFTs because they mainly focus on the art itself and the monetary component which deviates the art purpose from the art community. However, the project builds on top of the community can be a factor to push NFT valuation further.


Community Belong

Digital culture is evolving into something different than the physical world. It originally hatched from the gaming community where players belong to a specific league and play together to know each other. The NFT community is similar in nature with a more specific goal on the product such as NFTs to improve each member’s feeling of belonging.


Branding Feature

NFTs will evolve into a branding bridge between traditional companies and Web3. Such branding is building a strong community that can back its brand and involves events to receive incentives. Such branding like Apple portraits itself as a driver of innovation and design excellence. NFTs can push such branding into the next level with open interaction of users and receiving their support from them.


In Conclusion

Web2 companies are preparing the future to join Web3 through NFTs as a bridge. Branding technology will be revolutionized through NFTs. 

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