Patent the Blockchain: the Nonsense Action Shows a Worry from Big Tech Companies

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 26 Aug 2021

Big Tech companies are omnipotent. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and many others you can name it. 

They prove one thing, money can buy anything. 

Nobody can stop them. Anyone who tries to stop them will be bought up. Startups, governments, or any kinds of organizations until recently.

Companies are patenting on blockchain technology faster because they want to control the technology.

Microsoft recently patented a “ledger-independent token service”, a platform type of technology that facilitates to create a token on a distributed ledger network.

Microsoft also previously patented a technology that using body activity data to mine cryptocurrency.

Coinbase patented a technology that uses Email to transact Bitcoin.

IBM patented a technology that a self-aware token to record events of offline transactions.

Visa patented a technology to act as a central entity computer to create a digital currency using a serial number and denomination of physical currency more resemble stablecoin.


What is a patent?

A patent gives an exclusive right to an inventor to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention for a limited period of years.

It dated back to the 14th century to create monopolies to provide their intellectual property. It encouraged inventors to become monopolies.


Disadvantages of technology dominance

The consequences of technological dominance are bad for society. It created a second-hand living style. 

Have you ever experienced familiar life style encounters with social media and you then copy their living style exactly because it told you how wonderful it will be?

Technology makes it easier to copy and paste but it depletes the quality of living.

You are likely living in someone else’s life and you are not happy about it at all but you cannot even able to recognize it.


What is blockchain?

When you see blockchain, you will recognize it automatically as a decentralized, peer-to-peer verification system that resists modification and is transparent. 


Patent of blockchain is not a solution but a delusion of the future

Patent of blockchain is trying to control the blockchain and make it a centralized, trusted third-party system that lacks oversight and cover-up transactions. 


Blockchain is uncontrollable

Blockchain is an automatically public ledger to record transactions. It cannot be controlled or people will not use it.

Controlled blockchain means exclusive certain people out of blockchain which makes the technology limited itself.


Technology is a living organism

Technology needs to evolve. The fast way for technology advanced is inclusive. Only the technology that has been utilized can find its flaw to continue correcting itself.


Open source code = open mind

If the technology is open source, many people can use it and makes it better. Because open source means open-minded and open competition. A closed source means closed-minded and exclusive competition.


A closed-minded system

We were living in a closed-minded system before cryptos. Not everyone has an equal opportunity and people were constantly screen out for opportunities they were seeking.


The blockchain world to threat Big Tech

Blockchain technology may provide a truly equal society and gives everyone an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Big Tech is concerning because not everyone will use their products even they continue buying up the new technology.

Blockchain technology provides not just an opportunity but an ability for an individual to create their own technology.


In conclusion

Patent blockchain technology will not work because blockchain technology itself is patent-resistance. People will use technology that they can free create more opportunities rather than copy someone else’s life.


Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

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