NFT: The Future of Gamers' Assets

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 10 Aug 2021

Do you want to become a gamer forever? It used to be a shame of knowing that you want to play your game for the rest of your life without working. However, it is changing that way of thinking about gaming.

This is the second article on NFTs I wrote after the first one that I shared about its history and recent hype of the art market. In this article, I want to dive into the future of NFT and share some insight about what goes about the future that NFT may or may not become.

Digital asset cryptorized

This is the first futures I want to share with you. It is about how digital property becomes cryptorized. 

Playing games, you know that there are certain items that you need to spend many hours to find. NFT provides a way to monetize such spending of hours and become collectible. 

Enjin blockchain is one such example. You can use Enjin coin to infuse into NFTs along with your gaming assets. In other words, your gaming asset becomes a virtual asset that is backed by real value and you may exchange it for fiat money.

Another example is Web 3.0 in which you turn your website to be an NFT. The difference from the blog that you register is that the website you use is rented from the host that whoever has a right to give you to use. However, Web 3.0 provides you with true ownership that you can trade like cryptos. It is again a virtual asset that you can own and trade.

Okay, those two examples aren't really future but it has already happened. 

However, thinking about it this way, if you could put your gaming assets on the “treasury vault” which secures your virtual assets and showcase them for others, would it be awesome?

Web 3.0 provides a portal to turn every website information into crypto through NFTs so that you can exchange it on the marketplace.

Virtual reality NFTs

If you played Pokemon Go before, would you want to own your Pokemon? Virtual reality NFTs may help you to collect your virtual Pokemon. It not only converts 2D into a 3D environment, but you also create feelings in the virtual world.

Similar to The Sims game, you can create your own alternative lives that link into NFTs. You can build your memory from the ground up and make them into NFTs for your own collections or you can make it as your own memory storage to share with your friends and family.

Human vs. AI

One of the things that are missing in the crypto world is A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is accelerating and may start competing with human intelligence. What humans can compete with A.I. is through the creation of NFTs. As A.I. becomes more and more powerful, they can learn methods that humans did and recreate similar arts. It creates an opportunity for humans to be more unique in creating their own styles that compete with A.I. and help human-computer interaction become fairer.


In conclusion:

There is much more excitement about NFTs coming up along with technology advancements. Many are gaming-related but NFTs can be a new area for many young people to explore and become a way to express themselves in the virtual digital world.


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