Break the Fourth Wall?!

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 23 Aug 2021

This article is purely science fiction. There is just my vision about the world with some or many conspiracies?! Do not trust what I describe. Enjoy!


Fourth wall

In the movie, it refers to fictional characters who not only knew their identity as fictional but also can talk to audiences directly.


Are we living in the virtual simulation world?

Recall the movie the Matrix that the world is a simulation of the machine-controlled society solely using humans as batteries for their power source. Are we living in the virtual simulation world?


Elon Musk actually believed we are living in the virtual simulation world that we did not realize.

How can we tell?


It is very difficult to tell! However, we can find a glitch or maybe we can find it.

Through cryptocurrency?!

The cryptocurrency is actually a simulation of the money game inside of the simulation system! We are likely to reach the consciousness of the existing fiat currency is just a simulation game for keeping us unconscious doing the same thing over and over again. Many of us are not happy about it and want to find out the reason. Then cryptocurrency was invented for people to jump from one loop to another and continue playing the money game.


Cryptocurrency is an inception of the fiat currency

We are jumping from one dream into another virtually. It makes our previous experience is a virtual simulation from another reality.


Why can’t we jump out of the loop?

We trap at the money loop. We can’t certainly tell what is real and what is not. We cannot give up the existing system simply because we are living in it. Cryptocurrency creates a path into another virtual reality that is similar to previous paths while many people are doubting it. We are running a circle without breaking it.


What makes us break the fourth wall?

To break the fourth wall, we need to:


-realize the world is simulated 

-gain own consciousness 

-get out of simulation without awakening another simulation to trap you


Unfortunately, we are about to awaken until another simulation is coming to us.


In conclusion 

Well, as I said, this is just my science fiction about the world we are living in.

What is your opinion?!


Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash

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