Quantum Financial System: The System Lost Itself in Quantum World

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 20 Aug 2021

Quantum Financial System or QFS is a system that is so scams that there is nothing related to quantum whatsoever. 

The system is a combination of quantum, VPN, cross-border interbank payment system (CIPS), Trump Administration, blockchain, gold, AI, dollar, heaven, alien, and whatever you think it is a mystery or can associate combine!

The combo is so big that it itself is lost in whatever dimension of the universe and never ever gets out.    

The system supposes to change the world financial system, then it will also change the political system we have currently. It claimed it will have a global currency reset and fight against censorship.

Okay, let me show you the magic!


Quantum Financial System without quantum property

According to Foster Swiss, QFS is already an unstoppable reality. Wait, what?! How come I have never heard about it. Then, I dug more further. No explanation on quantum whatsoever.


What is quantum

It is a physical property to describe small particles that traditional physics can no longer apply. Instead of linearity in classical physics, quantum mechanics is unpredictable that uses probability to describe its physical properties.


Quantum algorithm in a quantum computer

What makes a quantum computer distinct from traditional computers is the speed of its computational power. 

While traditional computers work with 1s or 0s or called bits, quantum computers work with the quantum state of qubit with additional two more dimensions. Thus, it makes quantum computing faster as the speed of 2^n compares with traditional computers.

I thought Quantum Financial System runs on the quantum computer but not, it runs on VPN with CIPS!


Trump got involved

The article claimed Trump Administration was so involved. I guess that meant something in quantum terms?!


What is VPN?

It is a virtual private network that is an encrypted connection between point-to-point networks and to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping on the network.

What is CIPS?

According to the website from Foster Swiss, it is a cross-border interbank payment system. Whatever that means, I guess is some kind of bank that handles cross-border payments.

We do not need one! Currency never left the nation if you read my previous articles.

Banks do not need to exchange cross-border!

AI program 

The article then stated using an Artificial Intelligence program to manage instant settlements in real-time without delay.

Why AI? Any computer program can achieve automatically instant settlements in real-time without delay!

New Digital currency

Wait, you got quantum already, why goes back to get digital currency?

It is described with asset tokens with Special Drawing Rights (SDR). Why do you need digital currency backed by the central bank yet claimed you are one of the kinds of the financial system to replace the current one?


Back by the Gold

You got a new financial system yet I had back by the gold in case it crashed. 

What a system of design! Just in case everything does not work out, you can go back to the great old day!


Distributed Ledger Technology

It further describes how the system can be decentralized on several computers or nodes.

Now you got crypto involved?



Blockchain also has to be included in this awesome system! You need every awesomeness to sauce up!


Need a password

You cannot QFS smoothly without a password! You got to have a password. No explanation, you just have to have one!


Just before I gave up, there is an article to explain QFS

It does explain quantum in it!


Quantum Intenet (QI)

Then the website mentioned Quantum Internet that got me excited a bit! But it said it has already in pace and will be activated when the Starlink Satelines are tuned on?!

Okay, again, not quantum. The words just make it sounds cool!


You got your own web browser like Google but no ads!

The article further explains you will have your own web browser like Google but no ads.

Google is not a web browser! Hello! It is a search engine!


That is it! I cannot take it anymore!

There is also a video on YouTube to watch their explanation on the QFS with research article back it up!


In conclusion

It is not doubted that Quantum Financial System is awesome that it got whatever it makes you excited by seeing all buzz words.

I just don’t get it, but maybe you do?!


Photo by Anton Maksimov juvnsky on Unsplash

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