DAO The Way Part 10

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 19 Feb 2022

In part 10, let’s talk about DAO toolings. 



Tools are important but under or over tools are a disaster to DAOs. Your team will go through a process to filter the one you want to work on and add along with the one to increase its capacity.


Work in Agile


The key difference between Agile and other delivery methods is that Agile is a trial and error process while rolling out products at the same time. The most effective team is a small team size that carries out products at the initial stage. 


What is a Tool

Tools can make your work efficient or they can make your work more miserable. There is a constant complaint in DAO about the lack of tooling. However, I see the Web3 space has so many tools and there are few meaningful tools that actually serve the purpose.


Tooling Sea

Every tool has a period of trial and error. Because no one will know how well the tool works in your DAO until trying it out. When you invest time into the tool, it is hard to get out and switch to another one because the investment was already exhausted. You do not want to have every single piece of operation with a tool or there is separated data scattered around in different toolboxes that creates another task to try to find where they are at.


Few Tools

Rather than implement every tool into the DAO process, perhaps identify key tools to test out first. During the trial and error process, team members keep seeking a better way to retain key data that can make decisions on. 


No Perfect Tool 

There is not a perfect tool to work for all. It depends on the team to determine a tool that can most effectively resolve key issues at the DAO. It is even better if the team can create their own tools for their own needs. There is not yet a place where people can create their own tools with open-source codes and platforms that people can share their feedback on.


Tool for Confidence Building

The key issue working in the DAO is building trust. In the decentralized space, trust cannot be easily assumed. It needs a way to validate such trust first and build on it. The tool can provide a viable way to build trust within. 


For instance, Discord is commonplace for DAOs to communicate and contribute. It is also a place to build members with trust. By chatting with each other, people seek trust and delegate tasks to each other while trying to complete tasks. If trust can build and reputation can easily be valid through the process, such a tool can be an essential part of the DAO.


Over Tooling


You will know when you have over tooling at the point you spend more time researching information rather than making progress on tasks. Over tooling is as bad as under tooling. Under tooling makes information sharing become asymmetric, but over tooling also makes information sharing become asymmetric.


The key is to find a perfect spot of tools that your DAO needs. Of course, through the trial and error process, you will rely more on the initial tools you pick and increase a few more tools to assist the initial ones. 


In Conclusion

There is no one perfect tool to work in every condition. It is a process to determine the one you want to invest in and find additional tools to work together to build trust in a decentralized space.


Stay tuned for the next part of the DAO discussion!

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