DAO The Way Part 5

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 8 Feb 2022

In part 5, we will take a deep dive onboarding process for DAOs. The onboarding process is essential to DAOs, and it is the easiest way to go wrong.



Sharing 5 Dos and Don’ts to help the onboarding process through DAOs. It does not mean there are best practices, but they share some insight into building a sustainable DAO.


Onboarding in DAO

When new people come into your DAO, it is an opportunity for both sides to learn and understand each perspective and possibly to work collaboratively in the future. Contrary to interviews from traditional corporation jobs, community members are still undecided and undetermined about if they want to contribute their time to the DAO even if they stated they would do. The key to focusing on the onboarding process is engagement. You provide attention to new members and understand their needs so that you can introduce them to your community and start contributing to them. There are 5 Dos and Don’ts that help the onboarding process be more smooth. However, it is an ongoing process rather than a one-stop event.


Onboarding in Corporation

Remember your first day in the company as a new hire? You are excited, eager to learn, and meet new people in the company you just went through a lengthy hiring process. Now, you are officially in! You will spend an entire day learning all about the company through an onboarding process led by human resources. You may feel lost at first, and you have many questions to ask. However, after you went through the onboarding process, you got even confused and unsettled that you may pick the wrong job! 


Onboarding with Humanity in Mind

The onboarding process in corporations may become a disaster in the end because such an approach does not carry weight on your job requirements. Simply, it is a standard process that has to be carried out. As a result, new hires likely will be overwhelmed through information dumping, overpreached through the company’s culture brainwashing, and oversimplified through building relationships through one-day activities.


Dos and Don’ts 


DAO is an experimental organization that people engage through experience and interaction. The onboarding process heavily relies on engagement throughout as an ongoing experimental collaboration and testing before even making one member a contributor. Therefore, there are 5 Dos and Don’ts that we can apply to motivate such engagement.  


Do Share Clear Expectations and Don’t Expect Too Much From Contributions

DAO is to build a community but not a corporation. Although you may expect everyone to contribute as much as they can, it is not up to a single person to decide how much members should contribute. It would help if you worked with members to figure out their availability and how much they want to contribute to your community. 


Do Get to Know Members and Don’t Neglect Members

Each member is vital to the community. You want to spend time learning about them. Facility one-to-one chats with them and understand their motivations for joining the DAO and what they want to learn from it. When DAO is expanding, giving members a chance to express themselves to senior members while creating talent pools can help contribute more dynamic. Since Web3 will change every day, don’t neglect that people will change their minds. Active engagement with members and understanding their changes are crucial throughout the ongoing onboarding process.


Do Delegate and Don’t Manage

Members voluntarily show up on DAO to help. It gives them space to grow and delegate tasks. Don’t manage them, and they will lose motivation and become less interested in engagement. 


Do Give Tools and Don’t Dump Information

So many things happen in one day and everywhere in DAO. Providing the right tools with minimum information is helping members to gear them up to contribute quickly. Throwing too much information to overwhelm them will distract them from focusing and losing interest quickly through collaboration. 


Do Mentoring and Don’t Permission

Senior members can mentor and carry newcomers around and familiarize themselves with the DAO. Later, newcomers will become senior members to show new joins around. Overlapping helps the community sustain and grow into a more resilient DAO while each member can build trust.


In Conclusion

The boarding process is crucial, but it can be a fun experience for members to join and start their DAO journey. 


Stay tuned for the next article!

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