FAA Prepares US For Flying Taxi Operations By 2028

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 3 Aug 2023

FAA Prepares US For Flying Taxi Operations By 2028

Update 08/12/23 - Vertical Aerospace's eVTOL crashed this week, according to an image posted on "X," formerly known as Twitter, by journalist Charlotte Bailey.  Bringing out concerns of the Lithium Ion battery use in eVTOLS

In 5 short years, the airspace above most US Cities is going to look much different than they do today. Flying Taxi's will be shuttling passengers here and there and will offer competition for ground based travel and congestion. Hopefully easing congestion nightmares (I can hope this is the future right?). Perhaps they will be more stylish than the Sky Taxi's in the movie the Fifth Element. b403948ddac66920fe4031cd63496950ae4a15ac76d62ad1cb01c68a468e6b39.jpg

As you can see from the embedded pic those were clunky, boxy and obviously fake transports. On the Brightside hopefully none of the design teams are looking to those for inspiration.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 

They are responsible for regulating all aspects of civil aviation in the country as well as over surrounding international waters. And is responsible for Drone as well as vertical liftoff technology (AKA eVTOL). The FAA is hard at work putting together a plan to allow Flying Taxi Operations.

Who are the top makers of eVTOL at this point?

  • Archer Aviation - partnered with the US Pentagon back in 2021 and just this week signed a $142M deal to deliver eVTOL for Rescue operations. 
  • Lilium a UK based Vertical Aerospace, boasts itself as the first electric vertical takeoff vehicle?  Now in its 5th generation of eVTOL
  • Joby Aviation which is the largest at this point in the developing market

What have they demonstrated thus far?

Last month, Vertical Aerospace had a maiden test flight (non-tethered) which hit top speed of 70kph , where as last years test flight was tethered. 

Archer Aviation plans Air Taxi service across the USA within 100miles at speeds up to 150mph.

Joby has already performed test flights in/around Orlando, FL

Power Sources?

Archer Aviation lists theirs are proprietary electric powertrain system and being ultra dense.

Perhaps this sector will be early adopters of NASA's solid-state battery is lighter and can store more power than lithium-ion batteries. Which also eliminates key safety concerns connected with lithium-ion batteries. Which contain highly flammable liquid which is historically prone to leakage, requiring extra casing that makes the batteries even heavier. However, this technology is not yet available commercially. 

Stated Goals?

Archer Aviation wants to have 6000 aircraft deployed by 2030.

What does the 'Market' think of the top eVTOL makers are this point? Just last week, JP Morgan downgraded Joby Aviation and they are the largest eVTOL maker. So, my take it they are taking a wait and see approach. 


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Summary - my excitement for flying cars goes all the way back to my childhood, perhaps before they throw the first shovel full upon my remains I will see this come to fruition! 


Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of  any of these firms. Nor am I an investor!

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