By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 23 Sep 2022


At the recently held Detroit Auto Show, AERWINS Technologies hoverbike made its U.S. flying debut. The hoverbike flew around a Michigan airport. The hoverbike a Japanese-made offering stunned the audience. 

Who is AERWINS Technologies? 

  • Their corporate missions statement shows they are in business to aid mobility. Which consist of Air Mobility platforms and drones.
  • Main Firm URL
  • AERWINS has signed a business agreement with Pono Capital Group 

How fast can it fly? And for how long? AERWINS stated the hoverbike can fly for about 40 minutes at speeds up to 62 mph (100 km/h). Granted there are lots of variables here, how much charge you have on the batteries, the age of the batteries, recall on caveat for all EV offerings is the longer the 'drives' the shorter the lifespan of the batteries overall (Nasty hidden secret)

You want a hoverbike? Be prepared to be shocked by the costs, as they come,, in at a shocking $777,000 for one hoverbike. Nope that is not a set of 10 or even a pair of hoverbikes; a single. So, it seems AERWINS is positioning itself in the Luxury mobility market...my words not theirs.

Future development plans - by 2025, there is hope that AERWINS can offer a smaller hoverbike priced at just $50,000. Still pricy, but more in range of an average US automobile market. 


My other writeup on Hoverbikes


Summary  - Yikes, the price alone would keep me from even reviewing the offering, then factor in the battery life is 40-minutes. If you live in a metro-area how far would this really get you? How would you charge it? I am a hard pass at this point. 

Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of AERWINS Technologies, nor the Detroit Auto show, although it sounds super exciting!

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