Tip #AMPLificationWeekend Came to an End - Here's Who Won $121 in $AMPL Giveaway Rewards!

Tip #AMPLificationWeekend Came to an End - Here's Who Won $121 in $AMPL Giveaway Rewards!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 1 Dec 2020

Tip AMPLificationWeekend has just come to an end. Thank you all for taking part in the #AMPLificationWeekend social sharing giveaway, or just for publishing great posts and tipping your favorite authors!

  • 1.) Tips are back to 'normal'.
  • 2.) AMPL Payout date is today!
  • 3.) Announcing 121 winners of AMPLificationWeekend social sharing giveaway!


1.) The end of #AMPLificationWeekend means that tips are back to normal, and you can get tips in $AMPL, $ETH, and $BAT.


2.) How are the Winners in #AMPLificationWeekend Paid? -

AMPL Payout Date is Today!


$1 in AMPL has already been added to the account of every user who has won in this giveaway.

Payouts in AMPL will be sent today - on Tuesday 1st of December. Ask for your withdrawal from here if you have a minimum of $0.5 in AMPL. Wallets that are good to use include MyCrypto Wallet, MyEther (MEW), Metamask, TrustWallet, and any other wallet that accepts ERC-20 tokens, and that you hold the keys to.

PS. There were a lot of users to add funds to. If I've made a mistake and listed you here as a winner, while your reward is missing, please ping me at igor@publish0x.com or on Telegram at t.me/igort0x - it wasn't intentional!


3.) 121 Users Who Have Participated in #AMPLificationWeekend and have

Won $1 in AMPL Each!


Since the vast majority of you have decided to participate on Twitter, we're giving out the majority of rewards to you (101!), but there are also 10 rewards for users who have participated in AMPLificaitonWeekend on Facebook, and 10 rewards for those that took part in this giveaway on Instagram.

Here are 121 users that won $1 in AMPL (we originally planned to reward 100 users!) for their participation in the #AMPLificationWeekend social sharing giveaway:


Users who have participated in AMPLificationWeekend on Instagram and won $1 in AMPL (10 users).




Users who have participated in AMPLificationWeekend on Facebook and won $1 in AMPL (10 users).




Users who have participated in AMPLificationWeekend on Twitter and won $1 in AMPL (101 users).




Thanks again for taking part in this event. Congratulations to the winners!






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