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Digital Nations. Ethereum 2.0 and Facebook Libra

20 hours ago 2 minute read 2 comments bobby dig!tal

Digitizing the world and everything in it. Even us.  If you think about it, we are already cyborgs. Just look around you. Every one with a cellphone in their hand and chances are they have checked Facebook or twitter at least once today and maybe, ev...

DLT and the bankless. The future of finance on Zilliqa

28 Nov 2020 1 minute read 4 comments bobby dig!tal

The world of crypto spins fast, and so does Defi. DLT. Distributed ledger technology, also know as blockchain is evolving as fast as you can blink your eye. Well, maybe not that fast but it's fast. First came Bitcoin with it's digital scarcity and t...

Banking on tomorrow. MultiSig wallets and business

23 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment bobby dig!tal

Imagine a not so far future where banks are a thing of the past like old fashioned diners from the 1950's.  MultiSig wallets will have a large role in tomorrow's business and they are here today. Quite possibly crypto could replace banks as we know...

The KRACK attack: my hacked crypto experience and how I secure my transactions.

22 Nov 2020 2 minute read 3 comments bobby dig!tal

The KRACK attack: a crypto holders nightmare. Storing crypto is probably one of the most important aspects of trading, hodling and buidling crypto. I say this because I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.  A few years back I had the pleasure of g...

Zilliqa, 21% staking rewards, outperforming Visa and Mastercard: An overview

16 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments bobby dig!tal

Zilliqa seems to be a topic of interest these days.  And for those weary of the risks involved in yield farming,  Zilliqa may be a wise alternative. Zilliqa is a permissionless blockchain that is designed for high through put and focuses on the abili...

Why are Crypto Markets so Volatile? Manipulation in Crypto, 3 Manipulative Trading Practices Explained

16 Sep 2020 2 minute read 6 comments bobby dig!tal

Cryptocurrency volatility can be scary, and sometimes it can lead us to making the wrong decisions whether it's on the upside or down. This is a quick rundown of the 3 most common manipulative trading practices that we see on a daily basis. I have ha...

Wrapped Bitcoin, Bitcoin on Ethereum What is It? A Defi Protocol Explained

13 Sep 2020 1 minute read 2 comments bobby dig!tal

Bitcoin on Ethereum is growing at an explosive rate despite the price drops in both coins.  What exactly is WBTC and how does it work? This is a quick rundown of this new trend and some of the concerns involved. BTC to Ethereum is up 37% this month a...

Which Decentralized Exchange is the Best? The Overview

13 Sep 2020 4 minute read 1 comment bobby dig!tal

When it comes to swapping coins there are many ways to do this and sometimes it may not be as easy or pleasurable as we like.  Especially when we are trying to get in or out fast, safely and efficiently.  This is a Swapzone overview.  The two most po...

Yielding multiple streams of income with DeFi pt 2 How to use in 4 easy steps

10 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments bobby dig!tal

We have seen some crazy stuff these last few weeks with the crypto markets especially with these "food protocols" like #SushiSwap and the anonymous chef.  These projects protocols have not been thoroughly audited and have lured uninformed investers...

Satoshi's vision : A Defi message to the world.

2 Sep 2020 2 minute read 2 comments bobby dig!tal

We have seen our fare share of ups and downs over the past few years.  Alot of this volatility is the result of traders with no care in the world about the projects that they are trading. With this statement comes more, it is obvious that there are e...


Digital Nations. Ethereum 2.0 and Facebook Libra

20 hours ago bobby dig!tal

29 November 2020
I just dont think FINMA has a place in crypto, maybe let the governance protocols do their job. Like all crypto holders decide on how things will go Thanks for reading

Sin Eater Logs (EY 2020) Subject 2: Mark

28 Nov 2020 Average Jo

28 November 2020
I wish i could understand this. For some reason its interesting

Government Can Still Manipulate the Crypto Market

28 Nov 2020 AlucardLife

28 November 2020
Very interesting writing. Unique point of view

Hexagonal spiraling caves

28 Nov 2020 KingKD

28 November 2020
Fine wurks. Thanks for the article

DLT and the bankless. The future of finance on Zilliqa

28 Nov 2020 bobby dig!tal

28 November 2020
I was describing the sharding capacity and the targeted population of un banked people un Asia. The speed of the network and possibility of merging traditional banking with modern blockchain Thank you for the feedback

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Assets I'm Holding for 2021

28 Nov 2020 Dazedconfused

28 November 2020
Good article. Your lineup is similar to mine except for filecoin which I like and Cro I like XMR. ALGO. ADA. ZEC. ZIL. KMD. RIO NEO. BAT. BTC. KNC. Good luck on your journey

Monerium and Algorand : CBDC ready

20 Nov 2020 Andrzej_0xa0

27 November 2020
You nailed it with this Algorand article.

Crypto Projects: Are They Really All New and Original?

27 Nov 2020 MikeZillo

27 November 2020
Good article. Some projects are better than others. Projects like Monero, zil, zec and kmd are in a class if their own

An absolutely abnormal new normal

27 Nov 2020 acesontop

27 November 2020
Thank you for the great article

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27 Nov 2020 Igor Tomić

27 November 2020

Know about you mind that is trapped itself in illusion

27 Nov 2020 Lawa

27 November 2020
Fantastic article and a very interesting point of view. I can relate.

Earn Passive Income From Staking Your Crypto

26 Nov 2020 Scott Cunningham

27 November 2020
En la wallet Atomic. Se pagan bien

Earn Passive Income From Staking Your Crypto

26 Nov 2020 Scott Cunningham

27 November 2020
Great article. I had been wondering about the subscribing process on bitmax. You explained it well. I am staking Zil for 20% on atomic. The project increased its marketcap exponentially in just a few months. Over 13 dapps are now on the blockchain. It is a solid project. I like to stake and lend out DAI and cDAI for 7.75%. Just updated the firmware on the Ledger for ETH2. Thanx again for the writeup

Earning Algorand with Algorand (Algo) Mobile Wallet.

26 Nov 2020 SAGE84

26 November 2020
This is one of my favorite projects. Thanks for the article.

Earning Algorand with Algorand (Algo) Mobile Wallet.

26 Nov 2020 SAGE84

26 November 2020
7% You can follow my blog as I get into the reward system as there is a way to gain extra. Good luck

Loopring awarding $210,000 (1,000,000 LRC) to Onboard new Wallet - TODAY

26 Nov 2020 _-_

26 November 2020
The wallet is very buggy. I've been trying to get my wallet verified for days now. Hope you have better luck

Atomic Wallet: A Whistle Stop Tour

25 Nov 2020 Mynima

26 November 2020
Atomic is definitely one of the best. The support is 5 star however 70% are straight up shit coins. Great article

Fifteen Most Explosive Coins in the Upcoming Bull Run (Part 1 of 5)

25 Nov 2020 warliezdiaz

26 November 2020
Thank you. I can definitely see a few use cases with VET. I am not to favorable about their level of decentralization and form of consensus. Doesn't mean there isn't potential though. Looking forward to your next article

US Spy Chief Reportedly Worried About China’s Crypto Dominance


26 November 2020
The U.S. government has shunned the crypto community for so long and now Biden will implement a 40% crypto tax. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out

Fifteen Most Explosive Coins in the Upcoming Bull Run (Part 1 of 5)

25 Nov 2020 warliezdiaz

25 November 2020
Yes very nice writing. I agree with you on 2 of the 3, Zil and Rio are extremely undervalued. Vet Im not so sure about. I use to hodl Vet but have since moved to better projects like Algo and Zil. Thanx. Now following

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Thriive Review and Bonus - Get Thriive and Bonuses

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THRIIVE REVIEW AND BONUS HERE: What Is "Thriive" All About?Activate Your Own: Micro System Super BusinessSimple ‘Micro System’ Makes Him $123,936 In 6 Months From ‘Massive Hidden Audience’Revealed: Hidden Low Competition...

Former KFC Employee Loses Crypto-Drug Empire

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Paul Johnson, a former KFC employee, set up a black market drug deal in the attic of his home. The business flourished as the trafficker amassed huge profits of nearly £2,183,304 or $2.77 million. But police intervention put an end to this illicit en...

Welcome To Digital Hustle

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Welcome To Digital Hustle  Happy greetings and much peace, love, and respect to everyone reading and following my blog posts. This is the newest blog, Digital Hustle. Digital Hustle is all about building a platform for sharing many different sources...

$ 175 million on RTX 3000!!!!

20 hours ago 1 minute read comments tony80

  Cryptocurrencies are on the rise again, remember what happened in 2017, everything points to that in 2021 they will rise in price again and the graphics skyrocket, thousands of cryptocurrency miners have bought high-end graphics cards Like the RTX...

Flamingo Finance: A Vivid DeFi Bird to Watch

28 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments Swapzone

Sometimes it seems like the blockchain space can’t stop talking about DeFi. There’s really no surprise in that – decentralized finance has made quite a bit for the crypto space being approachable, friendly and less costly. Of course, the projects als...

Government Can Still Manipulate the Crypto Market

28 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments AlucardLife

If the government wanted to kill crypto, it could do it with some nicely timed FUD right about now. I'm writing this because I know that government is too stupid to actually implement this. I'm actually gloating at that. Thank God government doesn't...

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Assets I'm Holding for 2021

28 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments Dazedconfused

This is not investment advice!  With 2021 quickly approaching, cryptocurrency markets have seen a strong bull run towards the end of the year. With this in mind, I want to dive into some of the cryptocurrency assets I'm most excited for come 2021. My...

Know about you mind that is trapped itself in illusion

27 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Lawa

When I see something, suppose a girl then it triggers emotions inside me whether it be the sensation of sex or some random pop up of thoughts " she is beautiful" or the feeling of attraction , everything is happens within me. The girl exists within m...

Earning Algorand with Algorand (Algo) Mobile Wallet.

26 Nov 2020 4 minute read comments SAGE84

  " Earning Algorand with Algorand (Algo) Mobile Wallet. "    Binance exchange ended its flexible staking program in September. Of course, I was also benefiting from this award because I kept Algorand in my wallet. When Binance switched to the locked...

Libra and the Digital Elite

3 Nov 2020 4 minute read comments BitcoinGordon

I was inspired to write some thoughts after reading this: So, thank you alquimista1501 for the insightful article- well done! Gordon is in the mood to elab...


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