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Internet Gold | Can You Trust Your Ears? Two Minute Papers (Pt. 2 of 2)

1 hour ago 4 minute read 5 comments MoreGainStrategies

The wait is over! In part 1 I kind of left you on a cliffhanger. In this part, we will conclude this 2-part series about voice audio manipulation.  In part 1 I discussed several methods of faking voice recordings. However, part 1 was just the appetiz...

Internet Gold | Can We Trust Our Ears? Two Minute Papers (Pt. 1 of 2)

5 Dec 2020 3 minute read 5 comments MoreGainStrategies

As I alluded to in a previous article, we are living in crazy times. Not only is most information which we receive framed -- given to us in a way that aims at manipulating our feelings instead of educating us -- the technical possibilities for faking...

When Will Bitcoin Hit $20,000? Guess Correctly And Win $888! (A Bityard Contest)

3 Dec 2020 5 minute read 9 comments MoreGainStrategies

What?! $888?! Yes, you read that right. In this contest you can win $888. All you have to do is to guess the day at which the Bitcoin price passes $20,000. And: You get to guess three times. So you have three chances of winning. What happens if more...

Internet Gold | Are You Having Trouble Sleeping? Not Anymore!

30 Nov 2020 4 minute read 24 comments MoreGainStrategies

Ok, maybe this is an odd one. And maybe this is not even worth writing, because everybody has already figured this out or this is so obvious that no one should ever feel like it would be a good idea to put this into words, but: I had trouble sleeping...

Need Inspiration for the Publish0x Meme Contest (Win $20 by Creating 1 Meme)? Here Are My Memes!

29 Nov 2020 2 minute read 18 comments MoreGainStrategies

As you probably already know Publish0x used to pay us -- the users of the platform -- by providing tips in Ethereum ETH, Basic Attention Token BAT and Looping LRC. All are very good choices if you ask me. The minimum payout is $1 worth of each coin a...

Internet Gold | Can You Believe Your Eyes? CGI & Viral Videos -- Captain Disillusion

28 Nov 2020 3 minute read 5 comments MoreGainStrategies

We are living in crazy times. It seems that every piece of information that reaches us is framed -- given to us in a way that aims at manipulating our feelings instead of educating us. Whom can you still trust? What can you still believe? Certainly,...

Video Editing Trick: How to Replace the Audio Track of a Video

28 Nov 2020 4 minute read 10 comments MoreGainStrategies

Here is the scenario I run a pretty new fitness YouTube channel and periodically upload workout playlists with the best no copyright or free-to-use  music on the internet. For that purpose I wanted to create a new playlist consisting of multiple audi...

Crypto Lending Disaster: Cred's Bankruptcy Documents Available

13 Nov 2020 2 minute read 21 comments MoreGainStrategies

Just a few minutes ago I received another email regarding the disaster around the crypto lending platform Cred. As you may already know, Cred offered a crypto lending program to Uphold's customers. Uphold is a custodial wallet that Brave uses to pay...

Crypto Lending Disaster: Cred Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

8 Nov 2020 5 minute read 16 comments MoreGainStrategies

What is Cred? Cred is a company that offered a program called CredEarn via the custodial Uphold wallet. That program was supposed to allow crypto owners to earn interest on their assets. The crypto was lent to borrowers who had to leave a collateral....

Publish0x Monthly Payday is November, 2nd! Here is Everything You Need to Know!

30 Oct 2020 5 minute read 21 comments MoreGainStrategies

Hello good people of Publish0x, I write this post to remind you that the monthly payday is coming up very soon. On November, 2nd all requested payouts are processed. In this article I discuss when to request the payout(s) and I give you instructions...

Crypto Lending News Update -- CredEarn: Not Hacked, But Fraud

29 Oct 2020 2 minute read 35 comments MoreGainStrategies

I have previously reported on the fraudt hat Cred supposedly became a victim of with their CredEarn program. CredEarn offered its customers to earn interest for lending various cryptocurrencies. The borrowers had to deposit a colleteral which was sup...


Internet Gold | Can You Trust Your Ears? Two Minute Papers (Pt. 2 of 2)

1 hour ago MoreGainStrategies

06 December 2020
Thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot. Writing this article made me want to rewatch the Terminator movies so bad. 😅 I remember watching the second one on TV as a teenager and I was completely blown away by the liquid metal terminator. Unfortunately, we haven't figured that part out yet. 😅

The Riches of Altcoins

16 hours ago abesmoothy

06 December 2020
As promised I came back with my first tip of the day. 😊✌️

#TradeWithBityard Writing Contest and Giveaway: $800 in ETH Prizes!

30 Nov 2020 Igor Tomić

05 December 2020
Thank you so much. 😊👍

Ample & Forth: the story of two brothers

13 hours ago Steven_BA

05 December 2020
I LOVED your spandex meme. 😁👍 It was a perfect fit in the story, too.

The Riches of Altcoins

16 hours ago abesmoothy

05 December 2020
To be honest, the speed surprises me as well. But you produce very high quality content. That helps a lot, too. 👍

Internet Gold | Can We Trust Our Ears? Two Minute Papers (Pt. 1 of 2)

5 Dec 2020 MoreGainStrategies

05 December 2020
Thank you so much for sharing this. I have never heard of the guy before, but he is absolutely amazing. 👍

The Riches of Altcoins

16 hours ago abesmoothy

05 December 2020
Great second article. 👍 I'm happy that you have gained 7 followers already. Liked and tomorrow I will be back with the first tip of the day. 😊

Shameless Promotion for a Money-Making App: Current

23 hours ago LoonyLiberal

05 December 2020
I have just installed it, by the way, using your referral link.

Shameless Promotion for a Money-Making App: Current

23 hours ago LoonyLiberal

05 December 2020
This was way more than a shameless plug. I appreciate the honest review. 👍 I can live with all the inconveniences, but I would hate if the app slows down the unlocking of my phone... I will give it a try anyway using your referral link. If you reach 10 referrals, you don't get any additional benefits from referring additional people, right? If that is the case, would you be so kind to put my referral link in your article (in a one hand washes the other kind of way). I mean only after you having reached 10 referrals, of course.

PayPal's CryptoHub T&C's Are Confusing

3 Dec 2020 abesmoothy

05 December 2020
I really appreciate that you wrote that you like seeing things through other people's eyes. I am exactly like that, too. I believe that in a fair and honest discussion with a person who disagrees on some issue, both parties learn the most. It's sad that this seems to be happening less and less nowadays. Let's bring it back. 😁 I'm sure you will build a good following on this platform in no time. 😊👍 I'm back with another first tip of the day, by the way.

Internet Gold | Can We Trust Our Ears? Two Minute Papers (Pt. 1 of 2)

5 Dec 2020 MoreGainStrategies

05 December 2020
Yes, I kind of ended on a cliffhanger. 😅 Sorry about that! Otherwise the post would have been too long. But part 2 is already ready to go. I will publish it in about 17 hours. 😊

How I Released 9% STABLE PROFITS with DAI in a Single Transaction

4 Dec 2020 rah

04 December 2020
This process works as long as the cryptos you convert your DAI into gain in value (measured in $). If they don't appreciate, then you are stuck with the crypto you bought.

Ampleforth rebasing in my Atomic Wallet

4 Dec 2020 Steven_BA

04 December 2020
I should have also withdrawn my AMPL. 🙈 Good luck with the contest! Liked and tipped. 😊

channels and trends that BTC has respected heavily

4 Dec 2020 Emad

04 December 2020
Looking at your picture it seems like in the long term we will see higher prices, while in the short term, we might see a drop. Tipped and liked. 👍

I earned $10 worth of XLM through watching videos and answering quizzes

4 Dec 2020 Jane1289

04 December 2020
Coinbase Earn is great. 😊 Liked and tipped. 👍

#TradeWithBityard : Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

4 Dec 2020 Jane1289

04 December 2020
Simón is the guy who created the platform, right?

#TradeWithBityard : Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

4 Dec 2020 Jane1289

04 December 2020
I hope she can and also does read and write. Unlike the previous customer support. 😂🙈🙈🙈

#TradeWithBityard : Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

4 Dec 2020 Jane1289

04 December 2020
Oh no. Ah, really? Well, they did never reply anyway. So, they might as well remove the address entirely. 😂🙈

#TradeWithBityard : Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

4 Dec 2020 Jane1289

04 December 2020
You could try to contact their support. But I have tried that 3 times already and they never replied to me. I usually post first on RC and after I got the "EXC" batch, I post here.

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If you hold XRP, you must read this!

9 hours ago 1 minute read comments Dennis76

If you are not aware, there will be a Airdrop of Flare tokens to XRP holders, as long as they are holding XRP according to these steps, or at an exchange that supports the airdrop. On Dec 12, a snapshot will be taken of the XRP holdings. Any XRP that...

Ample & Forth: the story of two brothers

13 hours ago 1 minute read comments Steven_BA

Another month, another great contest from Publish0x. Once AMPL has been implemented as a new token for tips, here it comes this great contest #AMPLMeme - a Meme Creation Contest on #Publish0x - $400 in $AMPL Prizes! and I'm more than glad to particip...

The Riches of Altcoins

16 hours ago 2 minute read comments abesmoothy

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology seem to be the wave to ride if you plan on making a successful transition into a modern, fully digital, and decentralized financial system. Corporations, banks, and governments are all racing to see who can in...

Shameless Promotion for a Money-Making App: Current

23 hours ago 4 minute read comments LoonyLiberal

DISCLAIMER 1: This blog post is a shameless plug for a money-making phone app. Note, though, that I am not receiving any additional compensation other than the in-app rewards. ...and, of course, your generous tips, readers! DISCLAIMER 2: Most of the...

Ampleforth rebasing in my Atomic Wallet

4 Dec 2020 1 minute read comments Steven_BA

Another day, another contest (even if it's just a mini competition this time) in the wonderful crypto-paradise.  I woke up in the morning and while reading my e-mails I found an announcement from Publish0x that a new mini-competition is in progress:...

channels and trends that BTC has respected heavily

4 Dec 2020 1 minute read comments Emad

I love the Andrew's pitchfork , but I'm not a fan of trading based on indicators only. I like to watch them to combine with price action patterns mostly. if I see something which those indicators approve too, I'll get serious! this andrew fork is dr...

I earned $10 worth of XLM through watching videos and answering quizzes

4 Dec 2020 1 minute read comments Jane1289

For sure you guys know about Coinbase. It's a platform where you can hold your crypto coins, trade, buy, and sell crypto. You can also check the market status through Coinbase. Aside from that, you can also earn free crypto by watching videos and ans...

BITCOIN: prepare for the worst hope for the best

4 Dec 2020 1 minute read comments toofasteddie

In a recent tweet from Glassnode it has been shown that BITCOIN miners have increased the amount of Bitcoin sent to digital exchanges to be sold. The value of this metric has spiked 636.2 percent—from 3.492 BTC to 25.707 BTC on average, which is alm...

#TradeWithBityard : Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

4 Dec 2020 5 minute read comments Jane1289

Among all the cryptocurrency trading platforms that I've tried, Bityard so far is the best. Many beginners find other platforms very complex, but Bityard offers an easy to understand system and simplified trading experience. It is ideally fitted for...

Understanding AMPL price and supply with the Ampleforth dashboard

3 Dec 2020 2 minute read comments Technically Product

Hopefully by now you have earned some AMPL on Publish0x and taken advantage of the special withdrawal date to move it to a wallet of your choice. I moved mine to an FTX account, FTX being one of the centralised exchanges that rebases fully. And of co...


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