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BlockBurn: Annoucement Of Trading In The BW Exchange The Price jumped in 156%+

13 hours ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.03 tipped

This has been an epic start week to the Blockburn BURN Project,during last week the $BURN token was listed in the BW Exchange and it catapulted the project to new visibility and new investors a start looking to the asset and I just 48 hours the token...

BlockBurn: what is stake and how to benefit from it.

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BlockBurn $BURN sneap peak App was released to the Community and it's approaching it's launch in about 3 weeks from now. But What is Stake?! What is Token staking? Token staking gives currency holders some decision power on the network. By staking To...

BlockBurn $BURN Token Raising.

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Cryptocurrency has a volatility market and tokens with that are Inflactionary tends to loose value due to that coins like BlockBurn get created to combat those problem and reducing the supply help the asset to gain more market stability and the asset...

BW Exchange will be a Massive Fuel for Blockburn Project.

3 days ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.06 tipped

BlockBurn is already listed at BW Exchange and this surely will become a Fuel for the Crypto that has been performing quite good on the markets where has been trading. Deposits will start today 16.08 and trading begin on Monday 19.08 and withdrawals...

BlockBurn listed in BW Exchange.

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  It's been news that BlockBurn $BURN is always improving to provide only the best trading options to the members and help the community stay safe about where to allocate the assets for buy and sell $BURN. $BURN can be tracked now at livecoinwatch he...

How Delegated Proof of Stake Works:Complete Begginers Guide.

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  DPoS uses delegated stakeholders to validate the Blockchain and  resolve consensus issues in a democratically designed model. In DPoS any stakeholder, even those with the smallest amount of tokens, are able to cast a vote in an election process tha...

Qredit coin: an asset to Hodl.

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Qredit is a DPoS consensus asset, issuing a stable and reliable network for all users a native coin for the Altilly Exchange. It's running in own Blockchain  with 51  forging nodes being one of  the most cost  energy and cost efficient Blockchain.  Q...

Uptrennd:the real concept of social network.

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Uptrennd is the Original concept of what a Social Media Platform must be...wondering what that means?! don't,I will explain!  As Technical definition $Uptrennd is a community driven social media platform based around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain tec...

BlockBurn $BURN Token in the crypto space.

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BlockBurn $BURN Is innovative,transparent and community driven project and no ICO was conducted is a Self funded Project where 50% of the Total supply will be distributed to the members thru Airdrops and bounties. Blockburn $BURN is a cryptocurrency...

BlockBurn: The first deflationary token with usecase DApp.

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BlockBurn BURN is a Deflationary token created to combat the problem of the Oversupply in the crypto market and with an total supply of 2 million tokens that got deplet 2% for every transaction made in the main wallet until only 800000 BURN are left...