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Opporty Firm claim that SEC file "is grossly overstated" and untruthful.

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Last week the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused the Opporty crypto firm to conduct an illegal sale of Securities and raised almost $600,000 with the activity. Now the CEO of the company, Sergey Grybniak, claim that the allegations made by... mining pool withdraws from devs fund leaded by Jiang Zhouer to support the BCH ecosystem.

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The devs funds supported by the, Antpool, ViaBTC and now got a reversal and the firm from Roger Ver, that was initially backing the fund announced today that is quitting it. The reason is quite oblivious, the proposal moved the BC...

Another grant of $650,000 for the infrastructure development of ETH 2.0 received by Nimbus from Ethereum Foundation.

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Nimbus Project received a grant of $650,000 from the Ethereum foundation to continue their work in the development of the Ethereum 2.0 infrastructure, that will be the major protocol update in the Ethereum Network. The project  was founded in two tho...

Singapore: new payments law demand all crypto business operating in the country to be licensed and registered.

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Lately many states are creating regulations and licenses to crypto related business, and one example is Singapore, where the the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), announced that the payment law is now effective. The Payment Services Act was fir...

Publish0x Platform: where the content creators get tipped in BAT giving exposure to the brave Browser.

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We are here because we share one thing in common, the writing skills and the appetite for a good reading. Publish0x the best and awesome platform to get tipped in BAT and give exposure the asset that is a native token from the Brave Browser, the priv...

"Bitcoin is the best Investment ever" and Deutsche Bank claim it's too volatile to be an investment.

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Okay, analysis are made to a certain public, that is only interested to see positive and mostly bad things about crypto and specially Bitcoin (BTC). The Deutsche Bank consider BTC as asset ''too volatile" to be an investment, and i only see it as a g...

My personal opinion about the IFP to sustain the BCH ecosystem.

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In the last week, we have seen and listened so much about the Jiang Proposal, and with divergent opinions about the infrastructure funding plan (IFP), but it's clear that's the development of a Ecosystem depends of the efforts of all involved in it!...

Reward Bounty Up to $250,000 in Bitcoin: Unique task is to hack the cold wallet of the GK8 Crypto custodian Firm.

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First of all, don't get confused, it's a challenge made by the GK8, a Cryptocurrency custodian startup based in Israel, that is offering $250,000 in Bitcoin, if someone could hack their cold wallet! The amount will be a bounty reward starting in Feb....

what crypto wallet better suits you: find more about crypto online wallets, hardware and paper wallets.

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When it comes to store your crypto, also comes with some knowledge and degree about the different kinds of them. You can find from online crypto wallets, hardware or paper wallets. Let's start with the most common of them, the online crypto wallets:...

Crypto Mining: Iran issued more than 1000 licenses to mine cryptocurrency in the country.

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Iran is using what they have to fight against sanctions and avoid more increase in internal crisis, and following that and more steps to earn more capital, they have issued more than 1000 crypto mining licenses to start exploring the Energy to mine c...